International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 13, Number 08 (2020)





Comparison of Elastic Strength between High Pressure Vessels Having Circular and Elliptical Cross Bores at Radial and Offset Positions
pp. 1814-1823
P.K. Nziu and L.M. Masu

Strain Rate Effect of Size Variants and Tensile Behaviour of 6082T6 Aluminium during Deformation by Accumulative Roll Bonding
pp. 1824-1829

Cyber Security Measures for Internet of Things Devices
pp. 1830-1839
Sanjay Kumar Gupta and Sandeep Vanjale

Performance Improvement of a Centrifugal Pump Filtration System for Industrial and Domestic Applications
pp. 1840-1846
P. B. Sob

Re-Evaluating Elements of an Existing Multi-Level Intersection: Na`ur Interchange as a Case Study
pp. 1847-1853
Feras Al adday

Dynamics of the Tumor-Obesity with Time Delay Effect
pp. 1854-1865
S. Udomchalermpat, S. Koonprasert and E. Kunnawuttipreechachan

Polyurethane Green Composites: Synthesize, Characterization and Treatment of Boron Present in the Oil Produced Water
pp. 1866-1873
Murtuza Ali Syed, Mohammed Al Sawafi, FerozShaik, Mohammed Nayeemuddin

Real Time Action Recognition in Surveillance Video Using Machine Learning
pp. 1874-1879
Abdulrahman S. Alturki and Anwar H. Ibrahim

AI-aided Traffic Differentiated QoS Routing and Dynamic Offloading in Distributed Fragmentation Optimized SDN-IoT
pp. 1880-1895
MuhamedBegović, Samir Čaušević, BelmaMemić and AdisaHasković

User Preference and Reviews Analysis with Neural Networks for Travel Recommender Systems
pp. 1896-1900
S.Bairavel, Dr. M. Krishnamurthy

Socio-Spatial Analysis of Amman Axial
pp. 1901-1908
Nabeel Yusuf Alkurdi

Contribution of Economic Nano-materials and Industry By-Products to the Fresh and Hardened Properties of Cement Mortars
pp. 1909-1916
Osama Hodhod, Zeinab Salah, Ibrahim S. Khalil, Hamada Shoukry

Date Fruits Grading and Sorting Classification Algorithm Using Colors and Shape Features
pp. 1917-1920
Abdulrahman S. Alturki, Muhammed Islam, Mohammed F. Alsharekh, Mohammed S. Almanee, and Anwar H. Ibrahim

Heart Rate Variability Assessment Using the Poincare Plot Parameters During Sleep
pp. 1921-1926
Jae MokAhn

A Study on the Characteristics of EEG Signals by Auditory Stimulation of the Nature Sounds
pp. 1927-1933
Kwang-Bock You, ZhixingTian and Myung-Jin Bae

Connectivity Characteristics and Level of Acceptance Linked to Online Learning by Higher Education Students During the Confinement Generated by the Covid-19 Pandemic
pp. 1934-1939
Holman MontielAriza, Fredy H. Martínez Sarmiento and Harvey Gómez Castillo

Evaluating Reliability Compliance of the Power Utility Distribution Networks
pp. 1940-1956
LambeMutalubAdesina, KamaldeenSa’adu, AdemolaAbdulkareem

Predicting Diabetes from Health-based Streaming Data using Social Media, Machine Learning and Stream Processing Technologies
pp. 1957-1967
Fawzya Hassan and Masoud E. Shaheen

Non-Revenue Water Works in Jordan– Lessons Learnt and Suggested Strategy and Workplan
pp. 1968-1983
Mohanned S. Al-Sheriadeh and Lubna K Amayreh

Feature Selection for Character Recognition of Handwritten Devanagari and Odia Scripts
pp. 1974-1982
VinodJha and K. Parvathi

Comparative Cost Study for A residential Building Using Different Types of Floor System
pp. 1983-1991
Reema R. Nassar, Imad A. Al-Qasem

Using Unstructured Search Algorithms for Data Collection in IoT-Based WSN
pp. 1992-1998
Nidal A. Al-Dmour

Optimization of Energy Consumption in Cognitive Radio Networks based on Renewable Energies.
pp. 1999-2006
Víctor Gomez, Camila Salgado and Cesar Hernandez

Measurement of CO2, O3 and VOC Levels and their Relationship to Educational Quality in Engineering Students at the National University of Chimborazo Unach During the COVID-19 Pandemic
pp. 2007-2013
Pérez Pirela Maribel Cecilia and Rodríguez Rodríguez Miguel Eduardo

Traditional Yemeni Architecture and Its Impact on Energy Efficiency
pp. 2014-2022
Mohamed redaAbdallah, Hassan Ahmed Hassan, Ali Abbas al-Olofi

Characterization of Selected Biomass Materials as Potential Additives for Developing an Eco-friendly Ceiling Composite
pp. 2023-2029
Dirisu J.O, Salawu E.Y, Oyedepo S.O, Fayomi O.S.I, Banjo S.O, Daniel M.M, Fasuba D.M

The Impact of Leadership Style, Work Environment and Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance
pp. 2030-2038
Nurul Qomariah, Deny Friyanti, EkoBudisatoto, Masram,Mu’ah

Analysis on Current Limiting and Bus-voltage Sag Suppressing Characteristics of a Flux-lock type SFCL using an Isolated Transformer
pp. 2039-2043
Shin-Won Lee

Study on Analysis of the MacKenzie Fall Sound
ZhixingTian, Ik-sooAhn and Myung-Jin Bae

Modeling of Spectral Occupation through Time Series
pp. 2050-2054
Cesar Hernández, Camila Salgado, y Danilo Lopez

Sustainable Use of Organic Solid Waste: a conceptual review through the Waste Pickers Organizations.
pp. 2055-2066
Sandoval Duarte, Ángela, Segura Osuna, Jenny Alexandra and Rodríguez Miranda, Juan Pablo

Sustainable Use of Organic Solid Waste: approach to a model developed by Waste Picker Organizations. Case Study, Bogotá D.C., Colombia
pp. 2067-2080
Sandoval Duarte, Ángela, Segura Osuna, Jenny Alexandra and Rodríguez Miranda, Juan Pablo

The Impact of the Massive Integration of Renewable Energies - Case of Morocco
pp. 2081-2089
Abdellah Nafil, Mostafa Bouzi

Individualized Episteme for Multi-Agent Situations in Virtual World
pp. 2090-2095
Jong-Hee Park, Jun-Seong Choi

Atomic Spectroscopy and the Photon Mass: Effects on the hydrogen ground-state
pp. 2096-2099
Miguel E. Rodriguez R. and Maribel P. Pirela





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