International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 14, Number 01 (2021)





A New Post-Processing Method for Stereo Matching Algorithm
pp. 1-13
Maged Aboali, Nurulfajar Abd Manap, Rostam Affendi Hamzah, Abd Majid Darsono, Qazwan Abdullah

Effects of Fish Scale Microstructure on Mechanical Performance of the Scales: A Review
pp. 14-21
D. O. Bichang’A, L. M. Masu & P. K. Nziu

Structural Analysis of Thin Films on basis of MATLAB by LIBS
pp. 22-40
Omaro A. Azouz and Kemal Efe Eseller

Studying the Effects of Partial Cavitation on the Rudder Force of the Vessel

pp. 41-47
Pham Ky Quang, Vu Van Duy, Trinh Xuan Tung, Nguyen Thi Lien

Design and Mathematical Analysis of Reconfigurable Frequency and Function Between Feeding Network and SPDT Switch
pp. 48-55
N. Edward, N. A. Shairi and Z. Zakaria

Contextualizing Urban Liveability indicators to create liveable Neighbourhoods
pp. 56-68
Eng. Nehal Mahmoud elmahdy, Prof. Dr. Rowaida Reda kamel and Ass. Prof. Dr. Rania Nasreldin

Adiabatic Technique Usage for the Analysis of Power Dissipation in Logic Gates
pp. 69-75
Ch Vijayhalakshmi, Dr. Jaikaran Singh

Assessment of Beta Radiation Doses to the Respiratory Tract and Heart of Spa Workers Due to the Inhalation of 214Pb and214Bi Radon Progeny
pp. 76-90
M.A. Misdaq, M. Ben el fakir, J. Ouguidi






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