International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology


Volume 3, Number 3b (2010)  





Temperature and Strain Sensing with Bragg Grating Based Fiber Optic Sensors
pp. 357-362
Authors: Harmanpreet Kaur, Ritika Dhiman and Amandeep Kaur

Heat Transfer Enhancement through Porous Carbon Foams
pp. 363-368
Authors: H.V. Dongre and U.S. Wankhede

An Overview on Wind Energy in Global Context 
pp. 369-374
Authors: Amitabh Shrivastava

Parametric Study of Helical Gear with Aluminum Alloy for High Speed Marine Applications
pp. 375-388
Authors: B. Venkatesh, V. Kamala and A.M.K. Prasad

Modeling and Dynamic Analyzing the Airship as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
pp. 389-402
Authors: A. Ghanbari, A.A. Ghaderi and Mohammad Darabi

State of the Art on Computer Aided Neuro-Fuzzy Based Expert Knowledge System to Design Concrete Mix
pp. 403-412
Authors: Kale R. S and Sunil Kute

Dynamics of Robot Manipulators: A Review
pp. 413-416
Authors: Vivek A. Deshpande and Anurag B. Verma

A Novel Approach for DCT based Steganography using ACO Clustering
pp. 417-425
Authors: Akash Tayal, Parul Raj and Shikha Sharma

Effect of h/d Ratio on the Open Die Extrusion of Al-5Zn-1Mg Alloy
pp. 427-434
Authors: K. Geethalakshmi and K. Srinivasan

Impact of Hematocrit and Slip Velocity on Pulsatile Blood Flow in a Constricted Tapered Artery
pp. 435-449
Authors: Devajyoti Biswas and Uday S. Chakraborty

Performance Analysis of Vacuum Tube Collectors for Hard Water using Jacket Type Heat Exchanger
pp. 451-461
Authors: K.N. Krishnamurthy, K.S. Shashishekar and B.N. Akashdeep

Influence of Process Parameters in Centrifugal Force Assisted Abrasive Flow Machining
pp. 463-473
Authors: S. Rajesha, Apurbba Kumar Sharma and Pradeep Kumar

Assessment of Faculty Feedback in Engineering Program via Mathematical Programming
pp. 475-484
Authors: B.D.C.N. Prasad, P.E.S.N. Krishna Prasad, T. K. Rama Krishna Rao and P. Sita Rama Murty

Survey of Natural Resources by Remote Sensing Technique
pp. 485-488
Authors: Ankur Gupta and Arvind Dewangan

A Numerical Study of the Micropolar Fluid Flow Near Saddle and Nodal Points of Attachment by Spline Collocation
pp. 489-500
Authors: Jigisha U. Pandya and Harish D. Doctor

A Simulation Study on Overtakings and Lane Changing Behaviour On An Urban Road Corridor
pp. 501-508
Authors: K. Durga Rani, K.Venkata Subbaiah, C.N.V. Satyanarayana Reddy, and S.S.S.V. Gopala Raju




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