International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology


Volume 3, Number 3c (2010)  





Effect of Pipe Cross Section Geometries and Inclination Angle on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Wickless Heat Pipe
pp. 509-520
Authors: Ajit M. Kate and Ratnakar R. Kulkarni

Performance Analysis of OFDM and UWB Systems on Basis of BER Using Simulink
pp. 521-529
Authors: Maninder Singh and Prabhjot Kaur

Effect of Advanced Twin Operator on the Performance of Genetic Algorithm
pp. 531-541
Authors: Anagha Parag Khedkar and Shaila Subbaraman

Analysis of Interleaving and Encoding Schemes in CDMA Systems on Basis of BER Using Simulink
pp. 543-550
Authors: Vinod Kumar and Prabhjot Kaur

Performance of Sound Transmission on Lightweight Fiber Impregnated Ferro Cement Panels
pp. 551-559
Authors: P. Senthilkumar, Kandaswamy and P.S. Kumar

Performance of Sound Transmission on Coconut Fiber Impregnated Cavity Ferro Cement Panels with and without Absorptive Material
pp. 561-570
Authors: P. Senthilkumar and S. Kandaswamy

Design Considerations for Diesel Particulate Filter for Enhancement of Engine Performance and Emission Control
pp. 571-584
Authors: D.S. Deshmukh, M.S.Deshmukh and J. P. Modak

Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Hot Forged AISI 4340 P/M Steel
pp. 585-590
Authors: J. Arivudainambi, G. Ranganath, K.S. Pandey, M. Rajendren and S. Paul Vizhian

Saturation Based Transient Modeling of a Three Phase Induction Machine
pp. 591-602
Authors: Vivek Pahwa and K.S. Sandhu

Aldehyde Emissions from Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Spark Ignition Engines with Methanol Blended Gasoline with Catalytic Converter
pp. 603-612
Authors: P.V.K. Murthy, S. Narasimha Kumar, M.V.S. Murali Krishna, V.V.R. Seshagiri Rao and D.N. Reddy

Investigation of Joint Properties of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum 6061 Alloy to Copper
pp. 613-620
Authors: Ratnesh K. Shukla and Dr. Pravin K. Shah

GPON Link Performance with Dispersion Compensation 
pp. 621-626
Authors: Jaswinder Singh and Harminder Kaur

Modelling and Optimization of Simulated Injection-Molded Wind Turbine Blades Parameters
pp. 627-638
Authors: Prahalad. S. Badkar, V.R. Naik, S.G. Bagi and Duradundi. S. Badkar

A Study on Effect of Rice Husk Ash and Cement on the Engineering Properties of Nagapattinam Subgrade Soils, India
pp. 639-655
Authors: P. Selvi, Samson Mathew and V.S. Velmurugan

Kenlayer Analysis of Stress Distribution on Fly Ash and Cement Stabilized Low Volume Roads
pp. 657-671
Authors: P. Selvi, Samson Mathew and K.B. Velliangiri

Mass Transfer in Circular Conduit with Co-Axially Placed Serrated Disc as Turbulence Promoter
pp. 673-684
Authors: M. Gangadhar, V. Nageswara Rao and P. Rajendra Prasad

Momentum Transfer Analysis in Circular Conduit with Coaxially Placed Serrated Disc as Turbulence Promoter
pp. 685-695
Authors: M. Gangadhar, V. Nageswara Rao and P. Rajendra Prasad

A Kinetic Model for Bio-Decolorization of Distillery Waste using Staphylococcus aureus
pp. 697-706
Authors: Murali Gundagani, Chenna Krishna Reddy and Satyanarayana Rentala




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