International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)

Volume 4, Number 3 (2011)  





Strength and Ductility of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete
pp. 247-254
S. Eswari and P.N. Raghunath

Experimental Investigation and Development of Mathematical Correlations of Process Parameters of GTAW Cladding
pp. 255-262
T. Jayananda Kumar and M.M.M. Sarcar

Formidable Challenge of Water Needs for Tomorrow Ensure by Artificially Recharge Soil Aquifer
Pratima Patel, M.D. Desai and J.A. Desai

Rationale!! Domestic Water Consumption Level and Consumption Pattern in Urban Environment: A Case Study in Visakhapatnam, India
pp. 277-291
V. Chandraiah and V. Mahamood

Evaluation of Optimum Values of Surface Roughness on Aluminum Work Piece using Roller Burnishing
pp. 293-303
J.N. Malleswara Rao, A. Chenna Kesava Reddy and P.V. Rama Rao

Swarm Intelligence based Multi-objective Algorithm for Congestion Management in Power Networks
pp. 305-317
Sandip Chanda and Abhinandan De

Experimental Investigation on CI Engine Performance Fueled with Biodiesel and its Blends
pp. 319-327
Sanjay Patil, M.M. Akarte and Nandkishore D. Rao

Investigation on Performance of Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with Vegetable Oil-ethanol Emulsions
pp. 329-342
Nandkishore D. Rao, Dr. B. Sudheer Premkumar, M. Yohan, Dr. K. Vijaykumar Reddy and Sanjay Patil

Experimental Investigation for Blended Jatropha Bio-diesel as an Alternative Fuel in Compression Ignition Engine
pp. 343-349
Kamlesh A. Sorate, Sandeep K. Bhor, Padmakar A. Deshmukh and Mahendra J. Sable




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