International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 5, Number 1 (2012)   




X-Ray Diffraction and its Prospects in Power Generation
Authors:S. Bhowmick


Wireless Technology without Batteries
Authors:Fuzail Ahmad, Jyoti Bajpai and Navneet Pal


Educational Tool for Rectangular and Circular Microstrip Antenna Design
Authors:K.O. Odeyemi, D.O. Akande and E.O. Ogunti


Exergy-Based Thermodynamic Analysis of a 60MW Gas Turbine Power Plant
pp. 29-39
Authors: F.L. Tor and R.O. Eiguedo


Design and Test New Type of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Authors:A.Y. Qasim, R. Usubamatov and Z.M. Zain


Implementation of Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad-hoc Networks
Authors:Prof. Shubhangi Mahamuni, Dr.Vivekanand Mishra,
and 3Dr.V.M.Wadhai


Hybrid Intelligent System for Modeling the Design Parameters of Connecting Rod
Authors:Girish Dutt Gautam, Abhishek Tevatia
and S.K. Srivastava


Improving the Hardness of AISI 316LN Austenitic Stainless Steel Material by Gas and Plasma Nitriding Process
Authors: Ram Subbiah and Dr. R. Rajavel


Paraffin Oxidation in a Foam Reactor


Authors: S.J. Purohit, Dr. Milind Pradhan, Kanaad Akut, Bhavik Jain and Nilkankanth Parmar

Influence of Electric Field on the Chaotic Behavior of Gas-Solid Suspensions (Fluidized Bed) based on Pressure Fluctuations

pp. 99-109

Authors: A.R. Sonalikar, K.B. Porate and V.K. Chandrakar CFD


CFD Analysis of Axial Flow Turbine


Authors: Devendra A. Patel, Milap M. Madhikar and Kunal A. Chaudhari





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