International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 6, Number 1 (2013)





Fuels from Municipal Solid Waste: Case Study

pp. 1-8

Authors: Disha Gadre, Diwaker Dabral, Dinesh Chawla and Prof S. J. Purohit


Multiple Linear State Model Analysis of Nonlinear Blood Pressure Long Term Dynamics using Modified Parameter Estimation

pp. 9-24 

Authors: Shahin M. and Maka S.


Preparation and characterization of nano ceramic size La0.5 Ni0.5 FeO3, and La0.8 Sr0.2 CO0.2 Fe0.8O3 cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

pp. 25-32 

Author: M.V. Madhava Rao


Comparison of Heat Transfer between a Helical and Straight Tube Heat Exchanger

pp. 33-40 

Authors: Bibin Prasad, Sujith V, Mohammed Shaban K, Saju Haneef, Sandeep N and Vishnu Raj


Experimental Study on Corrosion, Mechanical and Wear Properties of Nano-Zro2 Doped Aluminum Composite

pp. 41-54 

Authors: K.S. Harishanand, H. Nagabhushana, B.M. Nagabhushana, M.M. Benal, M S Muruli, N Raghavendra and K R Vishnu Mahesh


Dynamic Analysis on Vibration Isolation of Hypersonic Vehicle Internal Systems

pp. 55-60 

Authors: N. Sreenivasa Babu and Dr. K. Jayathirtha Rao


Region Based Active Contour Model For Intensity Non-Uniformity Correction For Image Segmentation 

pp. 61-73 

Authors: Jaya Krishna Sunkara, Uday Kumar Panta, Nagarjuna Pemmasani, Chandra Sekhar Paricherla, Pramadeesa Pattasani, and Venkataiah Pattem


Effect of Friction Factor on Wrinkling and Fracture Limits in Deep Drawing of Cylindrical Cup

pp. 75-86 

Authors: R. Venkat Reddy, Dr T.A. Janardhan Reddy and Dr G.C.M. Reddy


Review of Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques in Swirl Flow Using Active and Passive Methods

pp. 87-94 

Authors: Nikhil S. Sohoni, and Dr. V. M. Kriplani


Experimental Investigation On Material Compatibility of Biodiesel Fuel, Part-1 Fuel Pipe 

pp. 95-103 

Authors: J.M. Chaudhari and M.G. Patel


Concept design of a Modified Airfoil Blade with Drag Assist for a Vertical Axis Micro-Wind Turbine

pp. 105-113 

Authors: Stella Morris, Teh Soon Chin, Morris A. G. Ezra and Joseph Raj


Experimental Studies on Complex Swept Rotor Blades 

pp. 115-128 

Author: Prof. S.C. Gupta


Using Geographic Information Systems in and Constructions of LPG Installation: Case 1 Assessment Effects of Fire on Humans

pp. 129-143 

Author: Sa’ari Mustapha


Traffic Pattern Analysis in Multiprocessor System 

pp. 145-151 

Authors: Kedilaya Shreeganesh B. and Dr. G.M. Patil


Manojavitvam - LabVIEW based Thought Controlled Wheel-Chair for Disabled

pp. 153-160 

Authors: Venkatakrishna Bhat K, Nagaraj Mahabhaleswara Hegde, Vikas N, Siddarth T C, Guides: Mr. Venkatesh S. and Dr. B.G Sudarshan


Experimental Investigations of Chaotic Behaviour of Gas Solid Suspension

pp. 161-170 

Authors: A.R. Sonalikar, K.B. Porate and V.K. Chandrakar


Script Identification for Document Image Retrieval: A Survey 

pp. 171-179

Authors: Madhushree B., Nagashree T.S. and Thanuja C.


Numerical Model of Absorption in Single Nozzle Jet Ejector (Chlorine- Aqueous NaOH system)

pp. 181-187 

Author: K S. Agrawal


Performance Improvement of A Diesel Engine Fuelled By Cashewnut Shell Oil on Blending with Oxygenates - An Experimental Study

pp. 189-200 

Authors: Kasiraman.G, Nagalingam.B and Balakrishnan.M


Review of Mathematical Models For Transport of Radionuclides in Surface Waters

pp. 201-216 

Authors: H. K. Desai, R. A. Christian, J. and Banerjee






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