International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 3, Number 4 spl.  (2013)  




Performance Evaluation of Bender’s Decomposition Algorithm
pp. 217-224
Authors: N. Aruna Madhuri and B. Eswara Reddy

An Efficient Approach of Association Rule Mining on Distributed Database Algorithm
pp. 225-234
Authors: Neha Saxena, Rakhi Arora, Ranjana Sikarwar and Ashika Gupta

An Approach to Improve Image Steganography using Random Key Generation Method
pp. 235-240
Authors: Babita, Anju and Ayushi

Anti-Trust Rank for Detection of Web Spam and Seed Set Expansion
pp. 241-250
Authors: Ankit Srivastava and Baisakhi Chakraborty

Emerging Fields in 4G Technology, its Applications & Beyond-An-Overview
pp. 251-260
Authors: Banhijit Bhattacharyya and Somdutta Bhattacharya

An Application of Exponential Autoregressive (EXPAR) Nonlinear Time-series Model
pp. 261-266
Author: Bishal Gurung

Blinking Analysis Based on High Frame Rate Video for HCI
pp. 267-278
Authors: R.S. Hemachandran, A. Gopinath, C.R. Santosh and M. Praveen Kumar

Dual Cell-high Speed Downlink Packet Access System Benefits and User Experience Gains
pp. 279-292
Authors: S. Chandra Sekhar Srinivas, S.G. Kiran Kumar and K.N. Brahmaji Rao

Wideband Cell Division Multiple Access Enhanced Uplink – Principles and Basic Operation
pp. 293-302
Authors: S. Chandra Sekhar Srinivas, S.G. Kiran Kumar, Kishore Kumar Maturi and K. N. Brahmaji Rao

Digital Media Piracy & Control
pp. 303-310
Authors: Deepak Vashisht and Megha Agarwal

Intelligent Dynamic Time Quantum Allocation in MLFQ Scheduling
pp. 311-322
Authors: Deepali Maste, Leena Ragha and Nilesh Marathe

Recapitulation on Transformations in Neural Network Back Propagation Algorithm
pp. 323-328
Authors: Devika Chhachhiya, Amita Sharma and Manish Gupta

CcMS: A Cloud Computing Based Content Management System
pp. 329-334
Author: Diptoneel Kayal

Identify Curvilinear Structure Based on Oriented Phase Congruency in Live Cell Images
pp. 335-340
Authors: G. Varun Raj and Y. Gangadhar

Multiple Distinguishing Factors Based Measure for Data Misuseability Detection
pp. 341-348
Authors: G. Manogna and K.F.Bharathi

Performance Analysis of Modulation Technique in MC CDMA
pp. 349-354
Authors: Gaurav Garg, Paras Chawla and Sonia Saini

Software Product Line Engineering: Paradigm for Product Family
pp. 355-360
Authors: Geetika Vyas, Amita Sharma and Astha Pareek




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