International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 3, Number 5 spl.  (2013)  




Built-in Self-repair Mechanism for Embedded Memories using Totally Self-checking Logic
pp. 361-370
Authors: G. Prasad Acharya and M. Asha Rani

A Holistic Qualitative Approach to Software Reliability
pp. 371-376
Authors: S. Guru Narayanan and Vibhore Gupta

Importance of Needs Assessment for Implementation of E-learning in Colleges of Education
pp. 377-382
Authors: Hamid Mohammad Azimi and Razieh Rahmani

Time Series Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks under Dempster–Shafer Evidence Theory and Trimmed-winsorized Means
pp. 383-390
Authors: Hari Teja.A and S.Vasundra

Securing PHP Based Web Application Using Vulnerability Injection 
pp. 391-398
Authors: Jamang Jayeshbha Bhalabha, Amit Doegar and Poonam Saini

Exhaustive Study on the Infulence of Hello Packets in OLSR Routing Protocol
pp. 399-404
Authors: Jatin Gupta and Amandeep Verma

A Novel Approach for Optimal File Allocation in Memory and Obtaining an Improved Version of Memory Mapping Technique
pp. 405-410
Authors: Jayant Balyan, Khushboo Pahwa and Jyotika Pruthi

Educational Data Mining using Improved Apriori Algorithm 
pp. 411-418
Authors: Jayshree Jha and Leena Ragha

A Survey: Various Segmentation Approaches to Iris Recognition
pp. 419-424
Authors: Nidhi Manchanda, Oves Khan, Rishita Rehlan and Jyotika Pruthi

Security in RFID Networks and Protocols 
pp. 425-432
Author: Kapil Singh

A Foolproof Biometric Attendance Management System 
pp. 433-438
Authors: Karthik Vignesh E, Shanmuganathan S, A.Sumithra, S.Kishore and P. Karthikeyan

A Proposed Model for Virtual Reality Based Smart Classes 
pp. 439-444
Authors: Kavita Choudhary and Anuradha

A Review on Grid Computing 
pp. 445-450
Author: Keshab Nath

Performance Analysis of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network in Environmental Attack
pp. 451-458
Authors: Manali Singh, Khushbu Babbar and Kusum Lata Jain

Visual Cryptography for Black and White Images 
pp. 459-464
Authors: Maneesh Kumar and Sourav Mukhopadhyay

Changing Mutation Operator of Genetic Algorithms for Optimizing Multiple Sequence Alignment 
pp. 465-470
Authors: Manish Kumar and Haider Banka

Analysis of Parallelization Techniques and Tools 
pp. 471-478
Authors: S. Prema and R. Jehadeesan





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