International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 3, Number 6 spl.  (2013)  




Evaluating Bioinformatics Dataset Accuracy using Pattern Classification
pp. 479-484
Author: Manu Banga

Use of Infrared in Image Transmission from Mobile Phone to Television
pp. 485-496
Authors: S. Ranganatha Rao and Masha Chandrasekaran

Multiple Sequence Alignment Using MATLAB
pp. 497-504
Authors: Meghna Mathur and Geetika

K-means Clustering Technique on Search Engine Dataset using Data Mining Tool
pp. 505-510
Authors: Minky Jindal and Nisha Kharb

Search Results Improvement through Ranking Approach 
pp. 511-520
Authors: T. Naheena and K.F. Bharathi

Establishing a Validated Automated System for Attenuation Measurement at DC-18GHz Frequencies
pp. 521-526
Authors: Naina Narang, Satya Kesh Dubey and P.S. Negi

Sixth Sense in a State of Radical Emergence
pp. 527-532
Authors: Nalen Anand, Neha Gaur and Kavita Choudhary

Hypervisor Security - A Major Concern
pp. 533-538
Authors: Nancy Arya, Mukesh Gidwani and Shailendra Kumar Gupta

A new Technique for Extracting Image Information beyond Visibility
pp. 539-548
Authors: Neelam Bhardwaj and Suneeta Agarwal

Decision Support System for Asthma (DSSA)
pp. 549-554
Authors: Nidhi Mishra, DBV Singh, Manoj Kumar Bandil and Priynka Sharma

Virtual Reality -living the “CAVE” Again
pp. 555-560
Authors: Nikhil Chawla, Nidhika Gupta and Kavita Choudhary

BVRA: Bandwidth Assured Virtual Resource Allocation using Multiple Slices of Uplink Communication
pp. 561-568
Authors: K. Pallavi Reddy and N. Srinivas

Improved Textual Cyberbullying Detection Using Data Mining
pp. 569-576
Authors: Paridhi Singhal and Ashish Bansal

Grid Computing Vs. Cloud Computing
pp. 577-582
Author: Prabha Sharma

Avoidance of Fire Accident on Running Train Using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 583-592
Authors: R. Pitchai Ramasamy, M. Praveen Kumar, S. Sarath Kumar and R. Raghu Raman

The Undo Sent E-Mail (USE) Protocol 
pp. 593-602
Author: Praveen

An Analysis of Data Mining, Web Image Mining and their Applications
pp. 603-608
Authors: Preetika Bhateja, Pinki Sehrawat and Avdesh Bhardawaj





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