International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 3, Number 7 spl.  (2013)  




Anaphora Resolution in Hindi Language
pp. 609-616
Authors: Priya Lakhmani and Smita Singh

Web Usage Mining: Identification of Trends Followed by the user through Neural Network
pp. 617-624
Authors: Priyanka Verma and Nishtha Keswani

Software Testing through Evidence Gathering
pp. 625-632
Authors: Priyanka Mathur and Swati V. Chande

Decision Support System for Malaria and Dengue Disease Diagnosis (DSSMD)
pp. 633-640
Authors: Priynka Sharma, DBV Singh, Manoj Kumar Bandil and Nidhi Mishra

Prospects for Success of MOOC in Higher Education in India 
pp. 641-646
Author: Puja Devgun

Application Program Interface (API) Based Code Search Engine for Predicting Relevant Applications
pp. 647-654
Authors: Rahul Kumar Kurba and V. Koti Reddy

Data Refinery with Big Data Aspects
pp. 655-662
Authors: Rajan Kumar and Sarika Gupta

Estimation of Spectrum Holes in Cognitive Radio using PSD 
pp. 663-670
Authors: Rajeev Shukla and Deepak Sharma

Virtual Classroom Pedagogy: New Tendency in Higher Education Institutions
pp. 671-676
Authors: M. Rajendra Prasad, B.Manjula and V. Bapuji

Attitudes towards E-learning: A Comparison of Age-groups
pp. 677-682
Author: Rashmi Saroha

Machine Translation using Quantum Neural Network for Simple Sentences
pp. 683-690
Authors: Ravi Narayan, S. Chakraverty and V.P. Singh

Modified Algorithm for Digital Image Watermarking Using Combined DCT and DWT
pp. 691-700
Authors: Reena Anju and Vandana

Reincarnating Traditional Relational Database through NoSQL
pp. 701-710
Authors: Renu Kanwar and Prakriti Trivedi

Performance Evaluation & Comparison of Software Testing Tool
pp. 711-716
Authors: Richa Rattan and Shallu

Status, Quality and Management of Groundwater in India
pp. 717-722
Author: Sneh Gangwar

Geographical Information System (GIS) in Geography: A Conceptual Analysis
pp. 723-728
Author: Sneh Gangwar

Improving Software Requirements through Formal Methods: A Review

pp. 729-736
Authors: S.W.A. Rizvi, R.A. Khan and R. Asthana






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