International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 3, Number 8 spl.  (2013)  




Supervised Opinion Mining Techniques: A Survey
pp. 737-742
Authors: Richa Sharma, Shweta Nigam and Rekha Jain

Gateway Relocation and Admission Control in Mobile WiMAX Networks
pp. 743-750
Author: Ritika Gupta

Field Current Speed Control of Direct Current Motor using Fuzzy Logic Technique
pp. 751-756
Authors: A. Sadiq, H. B. Mamman and M. Ahmed

Implementation of Secure Hash Algorithm-1 using FPGA
pp. 757-764
Authors: Nalini C. Iyer and Sagarika Mandal

Exploiting Poisson Distribution for Determination of Optimized Path
pp. 765-770
Authors: Sakshi Dhama and Rahul Johari

Cloud Computing: Advantages and Security Challenges
pp. 771-778
Authors: Satyakam Rahul and Sharda

Video Compression 
pp. 779-784
Author: Seema Gupta

Solution Combustion Synthesis and Structural Properties of YSrAl3O7: Tb Nanoparticles
pp. 785-792
Authors: Sheetal, S.P. Khatkar, Rajni Arora, V.B. Taxak, Mandeep

Microcontroller Based Automatic Toll Collection System
pp. 793-800
Author: Shilpa Mahajan

Filtering Image Spam: A Survey
pp. 801-810
Authors: Shina and Preeti Anand

Application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) -In Designing SODEPUS (Study of Dynamic Earth Processes using Software)
pp. 811-818
Author: Shirshendu Deb

Design of NEURO Fuzzy Systems
pp. 819-824
Authors: Shivasai Somarathi and S. Vamshi

Testing Target Path by Automatic Generation of Test Data Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 825-832
Author: Shveta Parnami

Software Piracy Prevention Using Image Splitting
pp. 833-840
Author: Shweta Kamble

Content Pollution in P2P System
pp. 841-844
Author: Simmi Chawla

Water Resource of India: From Distribution to Management
pp. 845-850
Author: Sneh Gangwar

Water Quality Monitoring in India: A Review
pp. 851-856
Author: Sneh Gangwar






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