International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 3, Number 9 spl.  (2013)  




E- learning on Web Generations Itinerary
pp. 857-862
Authors: Razieh Rahmani and Hamid Mohammad Azimi

Performance Analysis of Binary Spray and Wait Routing in DTN’s
pp. 963-870
Authors: M. Sree Lakshmi and B. Lalitha

Optimization of Surface Roughness in Hard Turning of AISI 4340 Steel using Coated Carbide Inserts
pp. 871-880
Authors: S.R. Das, A. Kumar, D. Dhupal and S.K. Mohapatra

A Study on Production Development and Management
pp. 881-886
Authors: Yad Ram Singh and Suraj Kumar

Computer Aided Diagnosis Based on Medical Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Methods
pp. 887-892
Authors: Priyanjana Sharma, Shagun Malik, Surbhi Sehgal and Jyotika Pruthi

Hybrid Approach for Image Protected Shares Based on Visual Cryptography and Fragile Watermarking Scheme
pp. 893-900
Authors: Surendra K. Raut, Durgesh Singh, Shivendra Shivani and Suneeta Agarwal

ICT Integration in In-service Teacher Education Programmes 
pp. 901-908
Authors: Prof. Jessy Abraham and Reshma Wadhwani

A Novel Technique of Securing Mobile Adhoc Networks using Shared Trust Model
pp. 909-916
Authors: Suyash Bhardwaj, Swati Aggarwal and Shikha Goel

Analysis of Location Management Mechanisms for Mobile Multi Agents
pp. 917-926
Authors: Swati Aggarwal and Heman Pathak

A Survey: Medical Image Processing Applications with Image
pp. 927-932
Authors: Swati Bajaj, Shriya Sharma, Swasti Agarwal and Jyotika Pruthi

Ensuring Cloud Security Using Cloud Control Matrix
pp. 933-938
Author: Swati Saxena

Performance Analysis of Selective Acknowledgement with Fractional Window Increment (SACK-FeW)
pp. 939-946
Author: Taranvir Kaur

Prediction of Top Crashes in Software Systems
pp. 947-952
Author: Taufeeq Ahmed. K.R

Detection of Facial Landmarks of North Eastern Indian People
pp. 953-962
Author: Tumpa Dey

Automation and Integration of Industries through Computer Vision Systems
pp. 963-970
Authors: Tushar Jain and Meenu

Deriving Business Intelligence from Unstructured Data
pp. 971-976
Authors: Vedika Gupta and Nitasha Rathore

Secure and Efficient Data Storage in Multi-clouds
pp. 977-984
Author: Veena Khandelwal




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