International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 10 spl.  (2014)





Vulnerabilities of Biometric Authentication “Threats and Countermeasures”
pp. 947-958
Authors: Abdulmonam Omar Alaswad, Ahlal H. Montaser and Fawzia Elhashmi Mohamad

A secure face tracking system 
pp. 959-964
Authors: Ankita Gupta, Preeti Gandhi and Udit Jagga

A Hybrid of Random Search and PSO for Solving Constrained Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
pp. 965-672
Authors: Ashok Pal and S.B.Singh

Overview and Comparative Analysis of Edge Detection Techniques in Digital Image Processing
pp. 973-980
Authors: Chinu and Amit Chhabra

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Retail Sector In India 
pp. 981-984
Authors: Harishankar Banothu

Simulation for Sudoku Solving Logic 
pp. 985-990
Authors: Karan Khatter and Shubham Gupta

Fuzzy method for the Course Selection of Course for Intermediate passed out Students
pp. 991-994
Authors: Arora Hari, Kumar Vijay and Pal Kiran

Modifying Inventory Classification Policies Using Loss Rule 
pp. 995-996
Authors: Mandeep Mittal, Sarla Pareek, Juhi Singh, Akshay Sachdeva, Rahul Kumar and Omkar Arora

Survey Paper on Workflow Scheduling Algorithms Used in Cloud Computing
pp. 997-1002
Authors: Murli Manohar Sharma and Anju Bala

Test Cases Prioritization Using Model Based Test Dependencies: A survey
pp. 1003-1010
Authors: Ms. Sujata and Nancy Dhamija

Testability Analysis of Framework Based Software at Requirement Analysis Phase
pp. 1011-1016
Author: Noopur Goel

Semantic Web 
pp. 1017-1022
Authors: Sumegha Chaudhry, Satya Prakash Thadani and Vikram Gupta





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