International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 11 spl.  (2014)





A Critical Review of Various Generations of Mobile Network Technologies
pp. 1023-1028
Authors: Anmol Khanna, Arham Bengani, Atul Bhatt and Avdesh Bhardawaj

Low Complexity Efficient Image Encryption Technique Based on Chaotic Map
pp. 1029-1034
Authors: Lalita Gupta, Rahul Gupta and Manoj Sharma

SADS Self Annihilating Data Storage system in Cloud Storage Service
pp. 1035-1042
Authors: Mohan Sadasivam and Rajeeve Dharmaraj

Self Annihilating Data Storage and Location Based nonterminating Video Streaming Services for Mobile Users in CLOUD Environment

pp. 1043-1050
Authors: Mohan Sadasivam and S.Gayathri

Edge detection by combination of morphological operators with different edge detection operators
pp. 1051-1056
Authors: Namita Sengar and Dipesh Kapoor

A Review of Retro Reflective Technology for Optical Camouflage Applications
pp. 1057-1062
Authors: Avdesh Bhardawaj, Pallavi Samyal, Pooja Yadav and Lipica Ratra

Redesigning of the Construction of Symmetrical RVLCS Based On Graph Model
pp. 1063-1068
Author: Radhika Goel

Remote sensing Based Assessment of Urban Heat Island Phenomenon in Nagpur Metropolitan Area
pp. 1069-1074
Authors: Robin Agarwal, Umesh Sharma and Arun Taxak

Business Process Modeling and Its Perspectives 
pp. 1075-1078
Authors: Sneha, Hitesh Yadav and Anu

Survey of Cross-site Scripting Attack in Android Apps 
pp. 1079-1084
Authors: Stanzein Sedol and Rahul Johari

On Allocation of Resources during Testing and Debugging Phase using Flexible SRGM: A Genetic Algorithm Approach
pp. 1085-1086
Authors: Vijay Kumara, H.D. Arora, Naman Taneja and Ramita Sahni

Liquidity Management of Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited (APGENCO): A Study
pp. 1087-1096
Authors: D. Vijaya Shanthi and Sreenu Eslavat

Biometrics- Fingerprint Recognition 
pp. 1097-1102
Authors: Sarah Bal and Anmol Kalra


ICT Model to Overcome Sri Lankan Disability Digital Divide

pp. 1103 - 1108

Authors: N. Wedasinghe and Dr. R. Wicramarachchi






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