International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 12 spl.  (2014)





A Proposed Model for Estimating Quality of Product Built Using Object Oriented Concept
pp. 1103-1112
Authors: Harish Mittal and Aditya Jain

A Hybrid Approach for Offline Signature Verification using Artificial Neural Networks
pp. 1113-1121
Authors: Aditya Kapil Jaspreet Singh and Varun Srivastava

Development of Open Source Low Cost Wireless Data Acquisition Systems for Science Experiments
pp. 1123-1128
Authors: Amit Garg, Avinash Kumar Shudhanshu, Raj Kumar, Shadashiv Raj Bharadwaj, Roopesh Tehri and Chandra Kanta Samal

Origins of the Data Base Management System “Bucket of Facts”
pp. 1129-1135
Author: Anita Bhatia

A Scalable Algorithm Using Up-Growth for Mining High Utility Itemsets
pp. 1137-1143
Authors: C. Mamatha Devi

Emotion Mining Techniques in Social Networking Sites
pp. 1145-1153
Authors: Sanjeev Dhawan, Kulvinder Singh and Deepika Sehrawat

Image Watermarking by SCHUR Decomposition
pp. 1155-1159
Authors: Eknath W. Kulkarni Full, Shilpa Metkar and Harshad C. Kamble

Tremor Detection for Accuracy Enhancement in Microsurgeries Using Inertial Sensor
pp. 1161-1166
Authors: Harshad C. Kamble, B. B. Ahuja, Eknath W. Kulkarni

Vulnerability Analysis of Hash Tables to Sophisticated DDoS Attacks
pp. 1167-1173
Author: D. Jessica Prathyusha

Intelligent Traffic Management in High-Speed Networks by Fuzzy Logic Control
pp. 1175-1183
Authors: Kadanti Theja

Speed Control of 3-Phase Induction Motor Using Self-Tuning Fuzzy PID Controller and Conventional PID Controller
pp. 1185-1193
Authors: Kamini Devi, Shailendra Gautam and Deepak Nagaria

An Efficient Analysis of Resource Management in WiMAX Network
pp. 1195-1203
Authors: Mohit Kumar Saini and R. K. Chauhan

Wavelet-ICA based Denoising of Electroencephalogram Signal
pp. 1205-1210
Authors: Monika Sheoran, Sanjeev Kumar and Amod Kumar

Automated Internet of Things for Underground Drainage and Manhole Monitoring System for Metropolitan Cities
pp. 1211-1220
Authors: Muragesh SK and Santhosha Rao

Evolution in Image Steganography
pp. 1221-1227
Authors: Nancy Sehgal and Dr. Ajay Goel

Voice based Control Signal Generation for Intelligent Patient Vehicle
pp. 1229-1235
Authors: Sourav Kundu, Simrat Sahni, Sanjeev Kumar and Amod Kumar








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