International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 17 spl.  (2014)





Image Resolution Enhancement Methods for Different Applications
pp. 1733-1738
Authors: Giri Nandan and Navdeep Kanwal

Spontaneous Affect Recognition from Audio-visual Cues using Multi-resolution Analysis
pp. 1739-1745
Authors: Mayank Kumar Aditia and Gyanendra K. Verma

IRIS Recognition Techniques: A Review
pp. 1747-1753
Authors: Manisha, Gurdeep Kaur and Parminder Singh

Eroding Revenues of TSPs: An Exploration of Impact from OTT Applications over the Internet & the Need for Necessary Intervention Mechanisms
pp. 1755-1760
Authors: Haritha Tumu and Murali Krishna Medudula

A Hybrid Approach to Detect Zero Day Phishing Websites
pp. 1761-1770
Authors: Namrata Singh and Nihar Ranjan Roy

A Novel Ant Colony Optimization Based Intelligent Routing Algorithm
pp. 1771-1782
Authors: Pardeep Kumara, Saumya Mahajanb, Pallavi Srivastavab, Karishma Sharmab and Pradeep Kaurb

Framework for Intelligent Crawler Engine on IaaS Cloud Service Model
pp. 1783-1789
Authors: Pratibha Ganapati Gaonkar and Dr. Nirmala C R

Comparative Evaluation Single Channel Speech Enhancement Algorithms with and without Phase Spectrum Compensation
pp. 1791-1797
Authors: Princy Sharma, Sachin Singh, M.Tripathy and R.S. Anand

Importance and Marketing of e-learning for Global Utility and Excellence
pp. 1799-1803
Authors: Dr. Vishwa Deepak Bhatnagar and Priyanka Verma

Route Optimization Technique for Wireless Mesh Networks
pp. 1805-1813
Authors: Pushpender and Sohan Garg

Performance Gathering and Implementing Portability on Cloud Storage Data
pp. 1815-1823
Authors: Rakesh Sachdeva Prabhpreet Kaur

Application of Management Information System in Marketing Management
pp. 1825-1829
Authors: Vivek Vyas, Shivani Vyas and Nisha Devra

A Comparative Study of Rivest Cipher Algorithms
pp. 1831-1838
Authors: Sheetal Charbathia and Sandeep Sharma

Recognition of Gurmukhi Text from Sign Board Images Captured from Mobile Camera
pp. 1839-1845
Authors: Shilpa Arora, Dharamveer Sharma and Silky Arora

A Review ON K-means DATA Clustering APPROACH
pp. 1847-1860
Authors: Shraddha Shukla and Naganna S.

Real Time Operating System for Robotics using AVR Microcontrollers
pp. 1861-1868
Authors: Srishti Dubey, Devendra Singh Bais and Ankit Chouhan

Document Image Segmentation Using Dynamic Thresholds and Identification of Each Region Type
pp. 1869-1875
Authors: Silky Arora, Dharamveer Sharma and Shilpa Arora

Watermarking Relational Databases using Genetic Algorithm & Bacterial Foraging Algorithm
pp. 1877-1884
Authors: Sonil Sood and Ajay Goyal

ORS Algorithm for Contention Mitigation in WSN
pp. 1885-1894
Authors: Sudeep Kumar Gupta and Manoj Chouhan

Image Encryption and Decryption using Modified Hill Cipher Technique
pp. 1895-1901
Authors: Prerna,Urooj, Meena kumari and Jitendra Nath shrivastava

Management Information System: Information Needs of Organization
pp. 1903-1908
Authors: Vivek Vyas, Shivani Vyas and Amit Kundan






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