International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 1 spl.  (2014)





A Study on Different Security Threats in Mobile Ad-hoc Network 

pp. 1-10

Authors: A. Chirag Tehlanl and Divya Sharma


Generating a New Forensic Methodology to Investigate, Tracks Left by Hackers on Remote Access Trojan: (Fast Flux Network)

pp. 11-14

Author: Dinesh.D


CMiS: A Cloud Computing Based Management Information System 

pp. 15-20

Author: Diptoneel Kayal


Cloud Printer: A Survey 

pp. 21-26

Author: Disha Saraswat


What is Representation Theory? 

pp. 27-32

Author: Gautam Borisagar


Big Data Analytic and Mining with Machine Learning Algorithm

pp. 33-40

Author: Jainendra Singh


E-learning Using Cloud Computing 

pp. 41-46

Authors: Gunjan C. Bhure and Sneha M. Bansod


MRI and CT Image Fusion Based on Wavelet Transform 

pp. 47-52

Authors: Hari Om Shanker Mishra and Smriti Bhatnagar


Analysis of ACL in ASA Firewall

pp. 53-58

Authors: Tomar Kuldeep, Tyagi S.S and Chawla Harsha


Comparative Analysis of Detection and Prevention Security Techniques in Mobile Agents System

pp. 59-66

Authors: Heena, Gurpreet Singh, Ramandeep Kaur and Rahul Hans


Trust Model for Hybrid Security Architecture Based on Reputation for Secure Execution of Mobile Agents

pp. 67-72

Author: Heman Pathak


ICT in Sri Lankan Cinnamon Industry: Bridging the Digital Divide 

pp. 73-78

Author: S.I. Baddegamage


Implementation of Recursively Enumerable Languages using Universal Turing Machine in JFLAP

pp. 79-84

Author: Ankur Singh and Jainendra Singh


The Future of E-learning –Development Trends 

pp. 85-90

Authors: Barbara Anna Nowacka and Jerzy Paweł Nowacki


Survey on Path Optimization in Ad Hoc Networks 

pp. 91-98

Authors: Kanika Sareen and Divya Sharma


Impact of E-commerce on Taxation 

pp. 99-106

Authors: Kirti and Namrata Agrawal





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