International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 3 spl.  (2014)





A Review of Recent E-learning Trends: Implementation & Cognitive Styles
pp. 215-220
Authors: Charu Arora, Charnita Kaur, Ayushi Gupta and Avdesh Bhardawaj

Refinement of Web Search using Word Sense Disambiguation and Intent Mining
pp. 221-230
Authors: Pooja Bassin and Manisha

Augmented Reality: Its Applications and Use of Wireless Technologies 
pp. 231-238
Author: Prabha Sharma

Novel Approach for Query Expansion Using Genetic Algorithm 
pp. 239-246
Authors: Pragati Bhatnagar and Narendra Pareek

Blurred Image Enhancement Using Contrast Stretching, Local Edge Detection and Blind Deconvolution
pp. 247-252
Authors: Prasad Nagelli, C. Lokanath Reddy and B.T.R. Naresh Reddy

Profiling a Cyber Criminal 
pp. 253-258
Author: Rashmi Saroha

Graph Based Evolutionary Approach to Classify Irregular Hindi Characters
pp. 259-264
Authors: Prateek Mishra and Md. Tanwir Uddin Haider

Instant Messaging Service on Android Smartphones and Personal Computers
pp. 265-272
Authors: Priya Mehrotra, Tanshi Pradhan and Payal Jain

IDS in Cloud Environment as Service Based Manner 
pp. 273-278
Authors: Tomar Kuldeep Tyagi S.S and Priyanka

Comparative Analysis of SYN Flooding Attacks on TCP Connections 
pp. 279-284
Authors: Priyanka Kalra, Kamlesh Pandey and Ankit Varshney

LMS for Computer Science students 
pp. 285-292
Authors: R. Mahalakshmi and E.S.M. Suresh

Benefits and Limitations of Existing Energy Efficient Protocol in MANET
pp. 293-298
Authors: Rahul S.Kale and V.M. Deshmukh

Study on Cost Estimation of Service Delivery in Cloud Computing Environment
pp. 299-308
Authors: Rajesh Pal, Samaresh Mishra and PrasantKu.Patnaik

Attitudes Towards Distance Learning: A Comparative Study 
pp. 309-314
Author: Rashmi Saroha

Hybrid GA-PSO Based Tuning of Unscented Kalman Filter for Bearings Only Tracking
pp. 315-328
Authors: Ravi Kumar Jatoth and T. Kishore Kumar

Overview - Snort Intrusion Detection System in Cloud Environment 
pp. 329-334
Authors: Tomar Kuldeep, Tyagi S.S and Agrawal Richa





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