International Journal of Mathematics Research


Volume 2, Number 3 (2010)  






Non-Homogenous Paired Populations: A Nonparametric Method for Comparing Non-Homogenous Sample Data
pp. 93-99
Authors: Cyprian A. Oyeka, Chigozie E. Utazi, Chinwe R. Nwosu, Godday U. Ebuh, Precious A. Ikpegbu, Happiness Obiorah-Ilouno and Christian C. Nwankwo

Bounds for the Zeros of a Certain Class of Polynomials
pp. 101-104
Authors: Susheel Kumar and Roshan Lal

Unsteady Free MHD Convection Flow Past A Vertical Porous Plate In Slip-Flow Regime Under Fluctuating Thermal and Mass Diffusion
pp. 105-117
Authors: A. Madana Mohana Rao, Ch. V. Ramana Murthy and G.V. Ramana Reddy

On Common Fixed Points for Contractive Type Mappings in S-cone Metric Spaces
pp. 119-124
Authors: K.P.R. Sastry, K.K.M. Sarma, Ch. Srinivasarao, K. Sujatha and G. Praveena

Effects of Convection on Mhd Flow Past an Infinite Horizontal Plate
pp. 125-130
Authors: H.R. Gupta and Monika Kalra

On-Recurrent Lorentzian Para-Sasakian Manifolds
pp. 131-136
Authors: Dhruwa Narain, Sunil Yadav and Sudhir Dubey

A New Approach to Resolve the More-For-Less Paradox Situation in Linear Fractional Transportation Problem
pp. 137-141
Authors: Vishwas Deep Joshi and Nilama Gupta

The Problem of Pricing Various Kinds of Options Traded in Levy-Type Stochastic Markets
pp. 143-150
Authors: L.V. Nandakishore

A Comparative Study on Transportation Problem in Fuzzy Environment
pp. 151-158
Authors: S. Ismail Mohideen and P. Senthil Kumar

The Study of Image Processing through Fuzzy Logic Morphological Approach
pp. 159-167
Authors: Rajesh A. Jadav and Shailesh S. Patel

Numerical Solution of Fredholm Integral Equation by using Semi Orthogonal B-spline Wavelets
pp. 169-173
Authors: Bhavini. M. Pandya and Dilip. C. Joshi

Solving Multi-objective Assignment Problem by using Additive Fuzzy Programming Techniques
pp. 175-184
Authors: Kailas Limbraj Kagade and Vishnudas Haridas Bajaj

Multi-objective Fuzzy Inventory Model of Deteriorating Items: Without Shortages
pp. 185-196
Authors: Omprakash S. Jadhav and Santosh G. Bodkhe




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