International Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics (IJMT)


Volume 3  Number 1, (2012)




Effect of Injection Timing on Performance of HCCI Engine Using Diesel
Authors: K. Appa Rao and K. Rajagopal


CFD Analysis of Feed Water Heater at Full Load Condition
Authors: Devendra A. Patel, Milap M. Madhikar, Krunal A. Chaudhari and Nirav B. Rathod


Effect of Window Location and Ventilator on Temperature Distribution inside an Enclosure: An Experimental Study
PP. 19-26
Authors: M. Vedavyasa, L.K. Sreepathi and M.S. Rajgopal

Experimental Action of a Single-Basin Solar Still using Different Absorbing Materials Bilal: An Experimental Evaluation of a Single Slope Single basin Solar Still with Thread Absorbing Materials in the Basin
pp. 27-43
Authors: S. Shanmugan, B. Janarathanan and P. Saminathan

Formulation of an Approximate Experimental Data Based Model for Heat Transfer Augmentation Employing Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) Technique
pp. 45-56
Authors: M.S. Matey, J.P. Modak, K.S. Zakiuddin and S.B. Thool






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