International Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics (IJMT)



Volume 9, Number 2  (2018)





Stress Analysis of Four-Bar Linkage Transfemoral Prosthetic in Gait Cycle
Jie-Wu Xia

Experimental and Analytical Study of Effect of Forced Convectional Cooling of Bus Duct System in the Prediction of Temperature Rise

Huan Liu and Rameez Asif

Time Efficiency and Error Estimation Analysis For The Family Of Co Tetrahedral Elements In Closed Form and Gauss Quadrature

Huan Liu and Rameez Asif

Design Optimization of Mounting Plate Modification of Exhaust Manifold System By Using Fea

William J. Buchanan

Models for Boundary Lubrication

Yi Liang and Zhipeng Cai





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