Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications (ADSA)


Volume 16, Number 1 (2021)





The Rate of Change for theWeight of the Squared Error in the Neural Network
pp. 1-4
Hwajoon Kim


A Comparison of Survivor Rate Estimates for Some Probability Distribution Models Using Least-Squares Method in Conjunction with Simplex and Quasi-Newton Optimization Methods
pp. 5-15
Khizar H. Khan


Sequences and Polynomial Congruence
pp. 17-31
Darrell Cox, Sourangshu Ghosh and Eldar Sultanow

Bounds of the Mertens Functions
pp. 33-43
Darrell Cox, Sourangshu Ghosh and Eldar Sultanow

WQPSO Method uses K-means-based Consensus Clustering in BigData
pp. 45-57
Muthangi Kantha Reddy, Dr.P. Srinivasa Rao and Dr.E. Laxmi Lydia

Model to Study Pressure Begavior of Horizontal Well Subjected by Both Bottoms Water and Gas Cap at Late Time
pp. 59-66
John Obarhire Oloro


Some Definite Integral Involving Some Valuable Special Functions
Vinti and Salahuddin

Ulam-type Stability for a Boundary Value Problem of Implicit Fractional-orders Differential Equation
A. M. A. El-Sayed, Sh. M Al Issa and M. Elmiari

On A Coupled System of Hybrid Fractional-order Differential Equations in Banach Algebras
A. M. A. El-Sayed, Sh. M Al Issa and N. M. Mawed


Coupled fixed point theorem for mapping satisfying cyclic-F-contraction
pp. 113-120
Jayant Prakash Ganvir, Shantanu Bhaumik and Surendra Kumar Tiwari


Influence of irrigation methods on agrophysical properties and productivity of dark chestnut soils of dry steppe on the left bank of the Volga river
pp. 121-132
Victor Korsak, Nina Pronko, Olga Karpova, Vladimir Shadskikh and Vera Kizhaeva


Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Existence of aWeak Solution to the Maxwell-Stokes Type Equation
pp. 133-157
Junichi Aramaki

Neuromodeling in Irrigation Management for Sustainable Agriculture
pp. 159-170
Dmitrii Soloviov, Galina Kamyshova1, Viktor Korsak, Nadezhda Terekhova and Dmitrii Kolganov

De-identification Mechanism of Block Network Image Privacy Information based on Risk Level
pp. 171-179
Jinsu Kim, Sungwook Jung, Sangik Oh, Won-Chi Jung, Doik Hyun, Yujin Jung, Eunsun Choi and Namje Park

Soil Enrichment and Crop Yield Enhancement Technique
pp. 181-188
Aleksei V. Rusinov, Vladimir V. Sliusarenko, Oleg V. Kabanov, Tatiana V. Fediunina and Dmitrii A. Rusinov

The Study the Influence of the Parameters of the Operating Elements on the Technological Indicators of the Operation of the Greenhouse Soil Loader and Mixer
pp. 189-200
A.O. Vezirov, G.V. Levchenko, P.I. Pavlov and E.E. Demin

An algorithm determining the optimal length of the queue of requests for data transmission over the channels of a wireless ad-hoc network
pp. 201-215
Polshchykov K.A, Lazarev S.A, Kuzichkin O.R. and Vasilyev G.S.

Existence and Stability Results for Fractional Volterra-Fredholm Integro-Dierential Equation with Mixed Conditions
pp. 217-236
Karim Ivaz, Ismael Y.A. Alasadi and Ahmed A. Hamoud

New Exact Solution of The (4+1)-Dimensional Fractional Boiti-Leon-Manna-Pempinelli Equation by The Expansion Method
pp. 237-255
Montri Torvattanabun and Theeranon thawila

A Review of the Reliability Analysis of the Complex Industrial Systems
pp. 257-297
Nabila Al Balushi

Principles of Construction of Microclimate Control and Management Systems in Agro-Industrial Production Based on Identification Algorithms
pp. 299-311
Kuzichkin O.R., Konstantinov I.S., Vasilyev G.S. and Surzhik D.I.

Proof of Collatz Conjecture
pp. 313-316
Liu Chengning

The Multiple Source Control Method for Functional-Structure Modernization of Reconfigurable Infocommunication Environments
pp. 317-333
Loginov I.V., Kuzichkin O.R., Eremenko V.T., Vasilyev G.S., Eremenko A.V. and Surzhik D.I.

The Decision Making Method for Reconfiguration of Adaptive Infocommunication Systems
pp. 335-353
Loginov I.V., Kuzichkin O.R., Eremenko V.T., Vasilyev G.S., Eremenko S.V. and Surzhik D.I.

On the dynamics of the singularly perturbed Riccati differential equation with two different delays
pp. 355-368
A.M.A. EL-Sayed, S.M. Salman and S.Ramadan


Combined Drug Interventions and its Efficacy in the Reduction of COVID-19 Burden : A Within-Host Modeling Study with reference to HCQ and BCG Vaccination
pp. 369-403
Bishal Chhetri, D K K Vamsi, Bhanu Prakash and Carani B Sanjeevi













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