International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research (IJEER)




Volume 9, Number 5 (2017)






Voice Activated Hospital Bed, Herat Beat, Temperature Monitoring and Alerting System
pp. 643-647
Moeenuddin Md.Mohsin, Kajol Pimple, Sayali Wade, Shraddha Patil and Hina Wade

UPML-FDTD Analysis of Triple Band Printed Monopole Antenna for Wireless Applications
pp. 649-654
H. K. Bora, E. Gogoi and Dipak Kr. Neog

Design of Novel System for Face and Fingerprint Recognition
pp. 655-663
Patel Abhijeet Harshadbhai and Sukhwinder Singh

Performance of Optimal Fractional Delay-IIR Filter Using Evolutionary Algorithms
pp. 665-675
Parvinder Kaur and Mandeep Kaur


Arnold transform based Security Enhancement using Digital Image Watermarking with Complex Wavelet Transform
pp. 677-693
Sukhwinder Kaur and Rajneesh Talwar


Design and Implementation of Area Delay and Power Efficient 1 Bit Full Adder using GDI Technique
pp. 695-702
Neha Mishra and G.R. Mishra

A Review on Random Access Protocol for Pilot Provisioning in Crowded LTE Network
pp. 703-709
Harpreet Kaur and Harjinder Singh

Offline Signature Verification & Recognition Using Angle Based Feature Extraction & Neural Network Classifier
pp. 711-725
Padmajadevi G and Aprameya K.S

Greenhouse Air-Temperature Modelling and Fuzzy Logic Control
pp. 727-734
Satyajit Ramesh Potdar, Chandrakant Balasaheb Patil and Ravindra Ramchandra Mudholkar

A Comparative Study of Accuracy Improvement of Temperature Measurement with PT100 and PT1000 for Wider Range
pp. 735-743
Jayanta Kumar Nath, Sharmila Sharma and Kanak Chandra Sarma

Design and Hardware Implementation of Interleaved Boost Converter Using Sliding Mode Approach
pp. 745-750
K. Balachander and A. Amudha

A Multilevel Diode Clamped SVPWM Based Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Sag & Swell Limiting Function
pp. 751-760
G. Devadasu and M. Sushama

Modeling & Design of A Transformer less Active Voltage Quality Regulator With The A Novel DVR
pp. 761-772
G. Devadasu and M. Sushama


Security Issues and Solutions in Wi-Fi
pp. 773-777
Menal Dahiya


Design and Analysis of dual Axis MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer

pp. 779-790

Kamal Prakash Pandey and Anil Kumar








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