International Journal of Educational Planning & Administration (IJEPA)


Volume 3, Number 1 (2013)





On Techniques of Making Class Room Teaching in Science Effective.

pp. 1-7

Authors: Prof. Rajeev Sapre and Prof. Chandrashekhar Patawardhan


Occupational Stress of Higher Secondary Teachers Working in Vellore District

pp. 9-24

Authors: Dr. G. Lokanadha Reddy and Dr. R. Vijaya Anuradha


Problems Faced by Undergraduate and Diploma Students and their Survival Strategies in Nigeria: An Institutional Analysis
pp. 25-33
Authors: V.F. Peretomode and A.N. Ugbomeh


A Study of the Minimum Level of Learning in Biology for Ninth Class of U.P. Board of Secondary Education

pp. 35-50

Authors: Dr. Laxmi Sharma and Ms. Binti Dua


A Study of Security-Insecurity Feelings among Adolescents in Relation to Sex, Family System and Ordinal Position.

pp. 51-60

Authors: Shruti Raina and Dr. Kiran Sumbali Bhan


Growth of Higher Education in J & K and its Affects

pp. 61-67

Author: Ritu Bhagat


Generalized T1 and C1 Topological Spaces

pp. 41-45

Author: Dr. R.K. Singh


Study of Values Among School Teachers Across Gender & School Management Style

pp. 69-74

Author: Mrs. Nitasha


A Comparative study of value pattern among Adolescent

pp. 75-79

Author: Mrs. Natasha


The Effect of Using Interactive Spreadsheet as a Demonstrative Tool in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Concepts

pp. 81-99

Author: Douglas D. Agyei


Study of Fluoride Content in Drinking Water of Schools of Buldana District, Maharashtra
pp. 101-103
Authors: S.V. Agarkar and A.B. Sali





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