International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 12, Number 3 (2017)






On Sample Weighted Clustering Algorithm using Euclidean and Mahalanobis Distances
pp. 421-430
R. Deepana

A Study of Production Inventory Policy with Stock Dependent Demand Rate
pp. 431-439
Himanshu Pandey, Ashutosh Pandey and Dileep Kumar

A Study on Status of Family Planning Practices and its Association with Socio-economic and Demographic Factors in Manipur, India
pp. 441-455
K. Gogoi, P. J. Hazarika, N. S. Chanu and J. Hazarika

An Optimal Replenishment Policy for Deteriorating Items with Power Pattern under Permissible delay in payments
pp. 457-474
Nalini Prava Behera and Pradip Kumar Tripathy

Designing of Acceptance Double Sampling Plan for Life Test Based on Percentiles of Exponentiated Rayleigh Distribution
pp. 475-484
.Pradeepaveerakumari and P. Ponneeswari

Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling for the Factors Affecting Rural Health in India
pp. 485-497
Senthamarai Kannan. K and Sathiya. V

Detecting Speculative Bubble: Power Comparison of Unit Root Tests
pp. 499-507
Harsha S and Ismail B


Recurrence Relations for Single and Product Moments of k-th Record Values from Lindley Distribution

pp. 509-516

R.U. Khan, M.A. Khan and A. Kulshrestha


Attributes Weight Determination for Fuzzy Soft Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making Problems

pp. 517-524

R. Shenbagavalli, G. Balasubramanian and A. Solairaju


Estimation of Median and Mode Using Ranked Set Sampling

pp. 525-533

Sarbjit Singh Brar, S.C. Malik and Jasleen Kaur


Characterization of Model of Alocation of Service Resources

pp. 535-542

O.P. Singh & Mohammed Abid


Modelling Reliability: A Practical Application from Industry

pp. 543-548

Athanase Polymenis


A Mathematical Approach to Employment Policies: An Optimal Control Analysis
pp. 549565
Surekha B. Munoli, Shankrevva R. Gani and Shrishail R. Gani

A Study of Strength-Reliability for Gompertz Distributed Stress
pp. 567574
Surinder Kumar and Mayank Vaish

Reliability analysis of time - dependent stress - strength system when the number of cycles follows binomial distribution
pp. 575-583
T.Sumathi Umamaheswari, N.Swathi, M.Tirumala Devi and P. Ashok

Regression Modeling for Maternal Determinants of low birth weight
pp. 585-591
Raja M., Senthamarai Kannan K. and V. Deneshkumar

Reservicing Failed Customers under three Disciplines with
α - Poisson Arrivals
pp. 593-606
Sheeja S. S. and V. R. Saji Kumar


Deteriorating Items Production Inventory Model with Different Deterioration Rates Under Stock and Price Dependent Demand
pp. 607-618
S.R. Sheikh and Raman Patel

Statistical Analysis of Factors that Influence Intelligence quotient of school going children using Factor Analysis and Principal Component Analysis
pp. 619-629
Santoshi Kumari, Pawan Kumar and V.K.Shivgotra

Production Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Different Deterioration Rates under Stock and Price Dependent Demand and Shortages
pp. 631-643
S.R. Sheikh and Raman Patel




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