International Journal of Electrical Engineering


Volume 3, Number 3A (2010)  





Neural Networks: Algorithms and Special Architectures
pp. 175-188
Authors: Bharat Bhushan and Madhusudan Singh

Power Quality Monitoring of a Power System using Wavelet Transform 
pp. 189-199
Authors: A.K. Sinha, Meghna Barkakati, Dibakar Nath, Saurav Kumar Sarma,
Uday Kumar Reddy and Abhinav Verma

Three Level & Five Level ZVZCS Converters
pp. 201-209
Authors: G. Nageswara Rao, K. Chandra Sekar and P. Sangameswararaju

A Cost Effective Drive System for Brushless DC Motor
pp. 211-220
Authors: SSSR Sarathbabu Duvvuri, Durga Prasad Garapati, Shakti Singh 
and Vikram Chopra

3rd Generation Lubricant Oil Sensor and a Switched Reluctance Drive for Marine Propulsion
pp. 221-229
Authors: Raunak Kumar Singh

ANN based Online Voltage Stability Monitoring for Distribution Feeder Reconfiguration
pp. 231-240
Authors: Dipu Sarkar, Abhinandan De and Chandan Kumar Chanda

A Novel Technique for Energy & Cost Effective Drives for AC & DC Motors
pp. 241-250
Authors: M. Ravindran and V. Kirubakaran

A New Static Var System Auxiliary Controller for Damping Torsional Oscillations in Series Compensated Power System
pp. 251-269
Authors: Sharma P.R.

Use of Matlab Toolboxes for Performance Characteristics of SEIG under Varying Capacitance and Load Conditions
pp. 271-288
Authors: Shelly Vadhera and K.S. Sandhu





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