International Journal of Difference Equations (IJDE)


Volume 15, Number 2  (2020)





Small Functions and Uniqueness of Difference Differential Polynomials of L-functions
Nintu Mandal and Nirmal Kumar Datta


On the Approximation Solutions of linear and nonlinear Volterra Integral Equation of First and Second kinds by Using B-spline Tight Framelets Generated by Unitary Extension Principle and Oblique Extension Principle
pp. 165-189
Yousef Al-Jarrah

The Solution of Exponential Growth and Exponential Decay by Using Laplace Transform
pp. 191-195
Haegyeong Han and Hwajoon Kim

Determination of An Optimal Control Strategies for The Discrete Time Addictive Buying Model with The Consumer Confidence Index
pp. 197214
Thiti Prasertjitsun, Walailuck Chavanasporn and Sanoe Koonprasert

Analytical Solution of Magnetohydrodynamics(MHD) Squeezing Fluid Flow in Porous Medium
pp. 214230
Thanon Korkiatsakul, Khomsan Neamprem and Sanoe Koonprasert

Mobile Robot Path Navigation in Static Indoor Environment via AOR 9-Point Laplacian Iteration Numerical Technique
pp. 231-242
W.K. Ling, A. A. Dahalan and A. Saudi

A Dynamic Malware Detection in Cloud Platform
pp. 243-258
Nani Lee Yer Fui, Aziah Asmawi and Masnida Hussin

The Economic Design of the Double Sampling X Chart with Measurement Errors
pp. 259-274
K. S. Khee Yong Si, Ming Ha Lee, XinYing Chew, Man F. Lau, Kong Melinda, H. H. Then Patrick and S. Rashid

The Effect of Intangible Assets on Capital Structure
pp. 275-282
Yiting Peng, Justine S. Chang and Jia-Ying Zhang






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