International Journal: Mathematical Manuscripts (IJMM)


Volume 5  Number 1 (2012)




A Generalization Of Common Fixed Points On Cone Metric Spaces


Author: G.A.Dhanorkar


Equivalent Conditions of Standard Congruence Lattice
pp. 7-16
Author: M. Jeyakumar

Equivalent Conditions of Distributive Congruence Lattice
pp. 17-22
Author: M. Jeyakumar


Some Inequalities Concerning the Generalised Growth Properties of Composite Entire Functions in the Light of their Maximum Terms
pp. 23-32
Authors: Sanjib Kumar Datta and Tanmay Biswas


Few Inequalities in Connection with Relative Defects of Wronskians
pp. 33-42
Authors: Sanjib Kumar Datta and Sudipta Kumar Pal






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