International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)



Volume 13 Number 1,  (2019)





Inter-annual variability of mesoscale eddy occurrence in the western Arabian Sea

pp. 1-23

Sergey A. Piontkovski, Muna H.Al-Tarshi, Sabrina M.Al-Ismaili, Sultana S.H.Al-Jardani and Yasmin H.A.Al-Alawi


The Analysis of Mangrove Ecosystem Based on the Nutrient Content of the Substrate and the Density of the Mangrove in Karangsong Village, Indramayu District, Indramayu Regency

pp. 25-36

Nurpermadi.G, Supriharyono and Muskananfola M.R


Marine Habitat Distribution and Substrate Composition of Dangli Group of Islands, Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark, Kedah, Malaysia

pp. 37-56

Jamil Tajam and Mazlin Mokhtar


Determination of Annual Dose Rate of Natural Radionuclides in Man from Fishes in Victoria Island Lagoon, Southwest of Nigeria

pp. 57-64

Olusegun Sowole, Kolawole Abiodun Egunjobi and Funke Roseline Amodu


Chemical and Minerals Composition of Dried Seaweed Eucheuma spinosum Collected from Indonesia Coastal Sea Regions

pp. 65-71

Andarini Diharmi, Dedi Fardiaz and Nuri Andarwulan


Healthy Environmental Management Strategyin the Industrial Processing of Patin Fish

pp. 73-80



The Applied of Cobb-Douglas Production Function with Determinants Estimation of Small-Scale Fishermen's Catches Production

pp. 81-95

Abd. Rahim, Diah Retno Dwi Hastuti, Firmansyah, Wardihan Sabar and Agus Syam


The Strategic Management Analysis of Fish Auction Facilities in Bantul District

pp. 97-110

Handaka Ari Pamungkas, Aristi Dian PF and Dian Wijayanto


Fishermen’s Perception on Bilge Polution Prevention Non-Convention Boats at Bajomulyo Coastal Fisheries Port

pp. 111-119

Fuad Ardani Rahman, Haeruddin, Sahabuddin Sunusi and Bhekti Kumorowati


Design and Development of IoT Based Smart Aquaculture System in a Cloud Environment

pp. 121-127

S.Balakrishnan, S.Sheeba Rani and K.C.Ramya


Sea Level Rise-Impacted Tuban Coastal Vulnerability Model

pp. 129-146

Marita Ika Joesidawati, Suntoyo, Wahyudi and Kriyo Sambodo


IOT Based Fishery Management System

pp. 147-152

J.Janet, S.Balakrishnan and S.Sheeba Rani


Depth Influence on the Zooxanthellae Abundance and Primary Productivity of Branching and Massive Corals on Bama Beach Baluran National Park

pp. 153-166

Raut Nugrahening Widhi, Supriharyono and Pujiono Wahyu Purnomo


Embryogenesis of Marsupenaeus japonicus (Bate, 1888) under normal and treated conditions with emphasis on the localization of the neuropeptide, RF-amide during larval metamorphosis in normal condition

pp. 167-187

Gaber Ibrahim, Naif AlQurashi, Abdullah Hussein and Saeed Mujahid Hashimi


Production and Characteristics of Rebon Shrimp (Mysis relicta) Protein Hydrolysate with Different Concentrations of Papain Enzymes

pp. 189-198

Suparmi , Harahap, Nursyirwani, Irwan Efendi and Dewita


Are hydrographic mesoscale structures associated with the mass nesting behavior of the olive ridley sea turtle?

pp. 199-209

Erik Coria-Monter, David Alberto Salas de León, María Adela Monreal-Gómez and Elizabeth Durán-Campos


Automatic Wireless Water Management System(AWWMS) for Smart Vineyard Irrigation using IoT Technology

pp. 211-218

J. Daniel Francis Selvaraj, P.Mano Paul and I. Diana Jeba Jingle


Evaluation of the Water Quality of Damietta Harbor: Using the Zooplankton Diversity and the Traditional Water Quality Parameters

pp. 219-236

Wael S. El-Tohamy, Yasmine A. M. Azab and Nagwa E. M. Abdel Aziz


Study of Characteristics and the Coverage of Tsunami Wave Using 2D Numerical Modeling in the South Coast of Bali, Indonesia

pp. 237-250

A. A. Md. Ananda Putra Suardana, Denny Nugroho Sugianto and Muhammad Helmi


Natural Language Processing System for Fetching Ocean Related Information Based on Ontology

pp. 251-257

K.N.Sivabalan and S.Balakrishnan






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