International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 13, Number 07 (2020)





Research and Innovation in Agricultural Engineering in a University in KwaZulu-Natal
pp. 1497-1503
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

A Study of a Reminder System for Taking Medicine using AI Speaker
pp. 1504-1507
Sanghoon Cho, Jooeun Song, Younjoo Kang and Joongjin Kook

Improving the mechanical efficiency of a Pelton Wheel impulse turbine at Low head during operation
pp. 1508-1515
P. B. Sob

Towards Enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education; A Case for Higher Education in Africa.
pp. 1516-1524
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

On The Use of Optimization for Mining Clusters in Networks
pp. 1525-1533
Nadia Abd-Alsabour

The Maximum Flow Problem
pp. 1534-1545
Nadia Abd-Alsabour

Transforming Engineering Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: A case for Nigeria
pp. 1546-1554
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Applying Value Engineering Technique Using Building Information Modeling at Underground Metro Station
pp. 1555-1561
Samir Abdelfatah, Mohamed Abdel-Hamid and Abdel-Aziz Ahmed

A study on Healthy Breathing Pattern when wearing a mask
pp. 1562-1566
Zhixing Tian, Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

The Implications of Funding on Enrolment Rates of International Postgraduate Students: The Case of Engineering Students
pp. 1567-1574
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Modelling and Simulation of Kinetic Energy and it Impact on the Conservation Of Energy in an Automotive Hydraulic Shock Absorber during Damping Process
pp. 1575-1583
P. B. Sob

238U and 232Th Contents in Essential Plant Oils: Alpha and Beta Radiation Doses to the Skin of Bathers in Spa Rooms
pp. 1584-1602
M.A. Misdaq and M. Benelfakir

Agenda 2063: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education to the Rescue
pp. 1603-1609
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Architecture Students Participation in Competitions as a Tool for Resilience Architecture Education in Egypt
pp. 1610-1615
Ahmed Haron

A New Approach of Principal Component Regression Estimator with Applications to Collinear Data
pp. 1616-1622
Kayode Ayinde, Adewale F. Lukman, Olusegun. O. Alabi and Hamidu A. Bello

A Comparative Study on Socio-Economic Status and Expenditure Pattern of Tribal Farmers
pp. 1623-1628
Homang Chetri, Raju Sharma, Durga Devi, Jayashree Bordoloi, Bikram Pegu and Debashree Kashyap

A Novel Asymmetrical-Pole PS-DSPM with Variation of Outer Stator Teeth Number for An Improvement of Electromagnetic Performances
pp. 1629-1634
Warat Sriwannarat, Pirat Khunkitti, Pattasad Seangwong, Natakorn Thasnas and Apirat Siritaratiwat

Power System Voltage Stability Enhancement Based on Line Voltage Stability Indices in Heavily Loaded and Line Outage Contingency Situations
pp. 1635-1648
Sirote Khunkitti, Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn, Apirat Siritaratiwat and Neville R. Watson

Fuzzy-Sliding Mode Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using NPC Converter
pp. 1649-1657
Naoufl Ettalabi, Mostafa Bouzi, Badre Bossoufi, Kamal Anoune and Elmarghichi Mouncef

Trends in the Contemporary Architecture of Amman
pp. 1658-1670
Dr. Saleem M. Dahabreh

Multiple Linear Regression Modelling for Predicting Building’s Short Columns Loads under Gravity
pp. 1671-1685
Mohanad Y. Abdulwahid, Tamer Haddad, Hend Tubaila and Imad A. Al-Qasem

Effect of Dam Construction on Vegetation Cover and Shoreline: A case study
pp. 1686-1691
Shivangi Mishra, Priyanka Dhurvey, Subha Sinha and Pallav Kumar

Optimization of Transmission Ratios for Two-stage Bevel Helical Gearboxes Based on Mass Function
pp. 1692-1699
Tran Thi Hong, Vu Trung Tuyen, Bui Thanh Danh, Tran Thi Phuong Thao, Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga, Tran Ngoc Giang, Nguyen Thanh Tu and Vu Ngoc Pi

A Comprehensive Review on the Related Models in Magneto-Rheological Automobile Suspension System
pp. 1700-1708
S. F. Yaakub, S. H. Yahaya, F. Ahmad, M.S. Salleh and A.R.M. Warikh

Upgradation of Conventional Commercial Greenhouse Using Climate Control Module to Reduce Energy Consumption
pp. 1709-1723
M.C. Subin and R. Karthikeyan

Perforated Horizontal Recharge Pipe Modeling with Non-Linear Regression
pp. 1724-1734
Edy Susilo, Suripin and Suharyanto

A 13.56 MHz Antenna Design with the Efficiency Improvement for the Wireless Power Transfer System
pp. 1735-1741
Nguyen Tri Cuong, Nguyen Kien Trung and Kan Akatsu

Study on the Health Application of the Snow Stepping Sound
pp. 1742-1746
Zhixing Tian, Ik-soo Ahn and Myung-Jin Bae

A Critical Review of Alternative Erection Methods for Overhead Line Towers
pp. 1747-1751
Mr. Bertie Jacobs, Dr. Dawood A Desai and Dr. Lukas du Plessis

Recovery of High Purity Zinc Oxide through Dry and Wet Processes from Low-Quality Dross Containing Zinc
pp. 1752-1756
Byung-Woo Lee, Sung-Ho Kim and Jei-Pil Wang

Study Analysis on Failure Mechanism of Small Span Pedestrian Cold Formed Truss Bridge
pp. 1757-1763
Mohamad Ibrahim Zaed Ammar, Djoko Irawan, Data Iranata and Budi Suswanto

Experimental Investigation on the Behavior of AlSiMgMn Alloy Inoculated by Al-5Ti Master Alloy and Fabricated by Die-Casting with Different Mold Wall Thicknesses
pp. 1764-1774
Kh. Abd El-Aziz and Ageel Alogla

Digital Cohesion in Era of Pandemic COVID-19 in Indonesia
pp. 1775-1779
Iwan Henri Kusnadi and M Dian Hikmawan

Sustainable Low-Cost Housing using Cost Effective Construction Technology “Rat Trap Bond Masonry” and “Filler Roof Slab” in Bihar
pp. 1780-1785
Subha Sinha, Shivangi Mishra, Pallav Kumar and Shashank Saurabh

Evaluation of the Impact of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Mathematics and Physics Students’ Achievement: Implication for Industrial Technical Education
pp. 1786-1794
Eunice N. Onah, Christian S. Ugwuanyi, Chinedu I.O. Okeke, Boniface G. Nworgu, Uche V.N. Agwagah, Chika C. Ugwuanyi, Pauline I. Obe, Mercy N. Nwoye and Agnes O. Okeke

Secure and Robust Web Services for E-Payment of Tuition Fees
pp. 1795-1801
Feras H. Al-Hawari and Mohammad S. Habahbeh

Single Finite Fourier Sine Integral Transform Method for the Flexural Analysis of Rectangular Kirchhoff Plate with Opposite Edges Simply Supported, Other Edges Clamped for the Case of Triangular Load Distribution
pp. 1802-1813
Benjamin O. Mama, Onyedikachi A. Oguaghamba and Charles C. Ike





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