International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 13, Number 09 (2020)





Recognition of Patterns of Failures through Elements of the Fuzzy Logic
pp. 2100-2105
Hidalgo Elio, Perez-Rodriguez Roberto, Trinchet Carlos, Vargas Javier and Isaza Lauren

Progressive Collapse of Historical Building under Blast Load
Munther Mohd and Yasin M. Fahjan

A Multi-Functional Layouts Model for Enhancing Affordable Design in Residential Buildings in Amman City
pp. 2115-2123
Wael W. Al-Azhari

ANN Based Prediction of Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Fueled by Distilled Tyre Pyrolysis Oil
pp. 2124-2131
Obadiah Maube and Leonard Masu

Creating and Estimating Replacement in Evaluation Process through Multiple Criteria Decision Making
pp. 2132-2136
Veeresh Malagi, Praveena Kumara K M, Harish Babu G A and Uday Kumar K N

Factors Affecting Customer Retention in Telecom Sector: A systematic review in Indian perspective
pp. 2137-2152
Saikat Banik and Dr. Parul Sinha

Design and Manufacture of Solar-Powered Wheelchair
pp. 2153-2156
M. Pita

Design and Implementation of Density-Based Traffic Management System
pp. 2157-2164
T.E Somefun, C.O.A. Awosope, A. Abdulkareem, E. Okpon, A.S. Alayande and C.T. Somefun

Cultural Anthropology as an Approach for Vernacular Architecture Case Study: Gharb Soheil, Nubia, Egypt
pp. 2165-2176
Ranad Bahaa Afifi and Mohamed Thabat Ismail

Ancient Text Character Recognition Using Deep Learning
pp. 2177-2184
ShikhaChadha, Dr. SonuMittal and Dr. Vivek Singhal

A Comparative Study on the Cost and Release Time of Software Development Model Based on Lindley-Type Distribution
pp. 2185-2190
Tae-Jin Yang

Metallurgical Analysis of Fatigue Failure in Submerge Chain Conveyor
pp. 2191-2195
Abinhot Sihotang, Meilinda Nurbanasari, Abdurrachim, M. Pramuda Nugraha Sirodj and Septa Hadi Mahaputra

Communication and Advanced Metering Issues for the Incorporation of Renewable Energy Resources in Microgrids
pp. 2196-2204
Alexander Blandón, Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano, Juan B. Cano-Quintero, Jesús M. López-Lezama and Fernando Villada-Duque

Seismic Fragility Curves for Tall Concrete Wall Building in Malaysia Subjected to Near-Field Earthquakes
pp. 2205-2212
Kotaiba Aljwim, Sophia C. Alih, Mohammadreza Vafaei and Siti Aisyah

Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent Relays in Microgrids using a Metaheuristic Approach
pp. 2213-2218
Sergio D. Saldarriaga-Zuluaga, Carlos D. Zuluaga, Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano and Jesús M. López-Lezama

The Electricity Security in Nigeria: Design and Analysis of 750-kV Mega Grid
pp. 2219-2229
Ademola Abdulkareem, Victoria Oguntosin, Oluwatimileyin Dare and Adesina Lambe Mutalub

Cross Domain Adaptation using A Novel Convolution Neural Network
pp. 2230-2238
Ashwini Save and Dr. Narendra Shekokar

Comparison between Elastic and Inelastic Lateral Torsional Buckling Load on Circular Fixed Channel Section Arches under Transverse Point Load
pp. 2239-2254
Emmanuel-Peters Teke Tebo, Leonard Masu and Patrick Nziu

Effects of Geometric Stress Concentration in the Design of Thick Compound Cylinders- A Review
pp. 2255-2268
Naftali Kiplagat, Leonard Masu and Patrick Nziu

Hepatitis diagnosis using optimized KD-Trees and Neural Networks
pp. 2269-2274
Daniel Fernando Santos-Bustos and Helbert Eduardo Espitia-Cuchango

Nuclear Energy Loss and Range of Heavy Ions in SiO2, LiF and Kapton Polyatomic Targets: A Monte Carlo study
pp. 2275-2287
J. El Asri, O. El Bounagui, N. Tahiri, H. Erramli and A. Chetaine

Photovoltaic Systems Growing: An Update
pp. 2288-2296
Ntumba Marc-Alain Mutombo

An Experimental Study on the Possibility of Demolition of Destroyed Concrete Buildings with Different Types of Acid
pp. 2297-2304
Aymen Awad, Feras Al Adday, Altayeb Qasem and Ali Al-Dulaimy

Multiple Criteria Method for Designing Distillation Sequence for Sharp Separation
pp. 2305-2312
A.G. Kamel, M.Kaoud and S.M. Aly

An Approach to the Power System Interdiction Problem Considering Reconfiguration
pp. 2313-2317
Esteban López Arcila, Jesús María López-Lezama and Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano

Dynamic Performance Enhancement and Comparative Analysis of Fault Tolerant Five Phase Induction Motor using PSO and GWO Algorithms
pp. 2318-2331
Chandani Gor and Varsha Shah

Formulae to Predict Elastic Axial Stresses Across the Transverse Edge of a Radial Circular Cross Bore in Thick Walled Cylinders
pp. 2332-2342
P. K. Nziu and L.M. Masu

Behavioural Trend of Radial Stress Along a Radial Circular Cross Bore in Thick Walled Cylinders
pp. 2343-2346
P. K. Nziu and L.M. Masu

Optimization of the Egyptian Natural Gas Transmission Networks
pp. 2347-2358
Ahmed Safwat Nafey, Nasser Zoghaib and Mohamed K. Omar

A Customized Reminder and Auto Sending Mobile Applicaton (CRAS)
pp. 2359-2364
Rehab Abdullah Alawadh, Arwa Mohammed Almohaimeed, Norah Daifallah Alfuraydi, Ghada Hamad Alkabeer and Ruba Saad Alanber

Experimental Study on Fibre Reinforced Eco-Friendly Self Compacting Concrete
pp. 2365-2373
Selvarani and Angeline Prabhavathy

The Impact of Household Waste on Slum Neighborhoods
pp. 2374-2379
Natsir Abduh M, Rumpang Yusuf and Fikruddin Buraerah

Unsupervised Automatic Text Summarization of Konkani Texts using K-means with Elbow Method
pp. 2380-2384
Jovi D’Silva and Dr. Uzzal Sharma

Engineering Education and Capacity Development for Contextual Innovation in Rural Africa
pp. 2385-2394
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Techniques for Measuring Attitudinal Learning Outcomes in Computer Science and Engineering
pp. 2395-2401
Bruce Mathew, Mohamed Elfateeh Algamar Ismail, Sathyendra Bhat J and Dr. T. Gnana Sambanthan

Pure and Applied Research as the Epicenter of Research in Engineering Education
pp. 2402-2408
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Optimizing Energy Harvesting System at Seismic Node: A Case of NNNSS Nodes
pp. 2409-2416
Dauda Duncan, Adamu Murtala Zungeru, Mmoloki Mangwala, Bakary Diarra, Joseph Chuma and Bokani Mtengi

Hybridization of Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems at Seismic Nodes
pp. 2417-2428
Dauda Duncan, Mmoloki Mangwala, Bokani Mtengi, Adamu Murtala Zungeru, Bakary Diarra and Joseph Chuma

Internalising Engineering Education in Africa
pp. 2429-2436
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Comparing User Rights in the Privacy Policies Presented by Major Websites in Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom
pp. 2437-2443
Hansol Woo and Jinho Yoo

Efficiency of Palestinian International Arbitration Chamber
pp. 2444-2452
Hussein Abu Zant

Excellence and Relevance in Engineering Education in 21st Century Africa
pp. 2453-2460
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

SBBO Based Replicated Data Allocation Approach for Distributed Database Design
pp. 2461-2473
Arjan Singh

Implementation of Novel and Secured Parking Lot System Using Image Hashing and Matlab
pp. 2474-2483
Mr. M. Sajid Mohammadi, Dr. Syed Sohail Ahmed and Dr. Syed khizer khasier

Implementation of Digital Educational Technologies in the Field of Automotive Electronics in Higher Education Institution
pp. 2484-2490
Magamed Samedov, Alexander Deryagin, Ilmir Sahabiev, Myroslav Pahuta, Vadym Rebenok and Nuriya Zakirova

Theory of Practice as Alternative Pathway for Responsiveness in Engineering Education in Africa.
pp. 2491-2497
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Natural Dyes Extracted from Bioactive Components of Fruit Waste for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
pp. 2498-2504
I Nyoman Setiawan, I.A Dwi Giriantari, W.G Ariastina and I.B Alit Swamardika

The Effects of the Different Approaches of Measuring Size of Nanocrystalline Materials on their Thermodynamic Properties
pp. 2505-2510

How to Improve Employee Performance at Level 1 Health Facilities During the Covid 19 Pandemic?
pp. 2511-2518
Nurul Qomariah, Haris Hermawan, Nurul Habibatus Isnaini and M Naely Azhad

Enhancing nanocrystalline material yield strength during ARB process by using Solute atoms as reinforcement
pp. 2519-2525
P.B. Sob






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