International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 3, Number 10 spl.  (2013)  




High Accuracy Prediction Framework for Predicting Defect Prone Software Components
pp. 985-992
Author: Anudeep Ediga

Fault Tolerance Approach with Energy Harvesting in Real Time System
pp. 993-1000
Authors: Arvind Kumar and Bashir Alam

Fault Tolerance Issues in Real Time Systems with Energy Minimization
pp. 1001-1008
Authors: Bashir Alam and Arvind Kumar

Detecting Unsafe Component Loadings using Static Techniques
pp. 1009-1014
Authors: K.B. Hemanth, G. Ramesh and K. Prabhakar

CPW- fed Hexagonal Shaped Slot Antenna for UWB Applications
pp. 1015-1024
Authors: M.R. Tripathy and Isha Chauhan

Studies on A-shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wideband Applications
pp. 1025-1028
Authors: M.R. Tripathy and Dipesh Kapoor

Face Recognition Technology 
pp. 1029-1034
Authors: Mittali Rao and Lakshita Parmar

Available Transfer Capability Determination Using Power Transfer Distribution Factors
pp. 1035-1040
Authors: Anup Kumar and Mukesh Kumar

A Survey Paper on Performance Improvement of WiMAX System Using Smart Antenna
pp. 1041-1046
Authors: N. Priyanka Ratna and B.G. Hogade

Experimental Study of a Wireless Local Area Network
pp. 1047-1052
Author: Pranjal

Secure Methodology for Data Encryption with DNA Steganography and vein Patterns
pp. 1053-1058
Authors: H. Ramyya, Samerender N.H and W.M. Lekha

Deriving Uncertainty of Area Estimates from Satellite Imagery using Fuzzy Land-cover Classification
pp. 1059-1066
Authors: Rekha Gangula and Jayakrishna Vasam

A Survey: Information Engineering and its Impacts
pp. 1067-1078
Authors: Sabiyeh Safder Bhat and Shafat Mohammad Khan

Geographical Information System (GIS) 
pp. 1079-1082
Author: Shanu Kumar Rajak

Effect of Social Networking Sites on Self Confidence
pp. 1083-1086
Authors: Shivani Sharma and Divya Sahu

ICT: Its Coeval (Contemporary, Cutting-edge, Conspicuous) Technology
pp. 1087-1092
Authors: Vidhika Gupta, Vishakha Nair and Anuradha

Watershed Planning and Development Plan by Using Rs and GIS of Khultabad Taluka of Aurangabad District
pp. 1093-1100
Authors: Vinayak N. Mangrule and Umesh J. Kahalekar

Combating Packet Sniffing
pp. 1101-1106
Authors: Vineet Mishra, Snigdha S. Parthan, Sayalee Pote and Naman Avasthi

Identify Crosscutting Concern for Constraint Based Model Transformation
pp. 1107-1114
Authors: Vishal Verma and Anita Handa

A Study of Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm
pp. 1115-1122
Authors: Yogita Rani and Harish Rohil

Effect of Non-normality and Inadmissible Estimates on Estimation of Heritability
pp. 1123-1128
Authors: Amrit Kumar Paul, S.D. Wahi, Ranjit Kumar Paul and Wasi Alam






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