International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 2 spl.  (2014)





Image Restoration and Inpainting Using Belief Propagation with Dynamic Pruning Optimized Exemplar Algorithm
pp. 107-112
Authors: Mahroosh Banday and Richa Sharma

Mobile Adaptive Opportunistic Junction for Health Care Networking in Different Geographical Region
pp. 113-118
Authors: Manoj Kumar D.S and R. Shankar

e-Governance at University of Kashmir: Bringing Efficiency & Transparency
pp. 119-126
Author: Er. Maroof Naieem Qadri

Accessible Cloud Computing Based E-learning Environment for Disabled People
pp. 127-132
Authors: Meghana Jalgaonkar and Seema Purohit

Systematic Review of Requirement Elicitation Techniques 
pp. 133-138
Authors: Shadab Khan, Aruna B Dulloo and Meghna Verma

Cloud Computing with Azure PaaS for Educational Institutions 
pp. 139-144
Authors: Mirza Zainab and V.S. Dhaka

ANFIS: A Vision for Smart Electric Power Grid 
pp. 145-152
Authors: Mohd. Murtaza, Vijay Singh and Rahul Prakash

Towards Techniques of Detecting Node Replication Attack in Static Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 153-164
Authors: Moirangthem Marjit Singh, Ankita Singh and Jyotsna Kumar Mandal

Biologically Realistic Model for 2D Pattern Recognition 
pp. 165-170
Authors: Mona Singh and Sandeep Singh

ICT Model to Overcome Sri Lankan Disability Digital Divide 
pp. 171-172
Authors: N. Wedasinghe and R. Wicramarachchi

Systematic Analysis of DoS Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks with Wormhole Injection
pp. 173-182
Authors: Najma Farooq, Irwa Zahoor, Sandip Mandal and Taabish Gulzar

Effective Prediction of Kidís Behaviour Based on Internet Use 
pp. 183-188
Authors: Neetu Anand

Block and Stream Cipher Based Cryptographic Algorithms: A Survey 
pp. 189-196
Authors: Nikita Arora and Yogita Gigras

Review on Different Chaotic Based Image Encryption Techniques 
pp. 197-206
Authors: Nitin Kumar, Deepika, Divya Wadhwa, Deepak Tomer and S. Vijayalakshmi

An Overview of Distributed Databases 
pp. 207-214
Authors: Parul Tomar and Megha






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