International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 6 spl.  (2014)





Comparison of Speed Control of DC Motor Using Fuzzy- PID and PSO-PID Technique
pp. 553-558
Authors: Akansha Kaushal, Nirbhay Thakur and Deepak Nagaria


A Review of Various Character Segmentation Techniques for Cursive Handwritten Words Recognition
pp. 559-564
Author: Amit Choudhary


Design and Simulation of Inverted T-Shaped Antenna for Xb and Applications
pp. 565-570
Authors: Ankita Goel, M R Tripathy and Sohaib Abbas Zaidi


Component Based Software’s: Issues Related to Test the Compatibility of the Components
pp. 571-576
Authors: Damini Yadav and Jagdeep Kaur


Selection of n in K-Means Algorithm 
pp. 577-582
Authors: Gaurav Kant Chaturvedi, Vineet Jain, Divya Sharma and Pooja Madkan


Review and Analysis of Image Enhancement Techniques 
pp. 583-590
Authors: Harmandeep Kaur Ranota and Prabhpreet Kaur


Design and Analysis of Scalable Wireless Sensor Network for Real-time Medical Applications
pp. 591-600
Authors: Irwa Zahoor, Najma Farooq and Sandip Mandal


A Review of Various Soft Computing Techniques in the Domain of Handwriting Recognition
pp. 601-606
Author: Amit Choudhary


Optimized Dual Head Cluster Algorithm for Large-scale Mobile Ad- hoc Networks
pp. 607-612
Authors: Julius Olushola Jejeniwa and R. Annie Uthra


Structural Analysis of Agent Oriented Methodologies 
pp. 613-618
Authors: M. Elammari and R. Elsaeti


Design and Simulink of Intelligent Solar Energy Improvement with PV Module
pp. 619-628
Author: Nidhi Agarwal


Use of Logic Gates to Make Edge Avoider Robot 
pp. 629-632
Authors: Nishant Ahlawat, Ashu Gautam and Nidhi Sharma


Empirical Study of ERP Implementation Strategies-Filling Gaps between the Success and Failure of ERP Implementation Process
pp. 633-642
Author: Pooja Madkan


Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Network 
pp. 643-648
Authors: Preeti Chauhan and Prachi Ahlawat


Vertical Handoff Technique between Wifi and Wimax using Fuzzy Comprehensive
pp. 649-654
Authors: Yashi Agarwal, Anshika Agarwal, Priya Mehrotra and Tanshi Pradhan


Software for Molecular Binary Data Analysis 
pp. 655-656
Author: Madhu Bala Priyadarshi





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