International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 7 spl.  (2014)





User Preferred Data Enquiry System Using Mobile Communications 
pp. 657-662
Authors: A.Bharathi and S.Deepan

A Study on -The Sixth Sense Technology and Its Various Security Threats
pp. 663-670
Authors: Aakanksha Chopra and Natasha Narang

Security Need for Pluggable Applications 
pp. 671-676
Authors: Aditya Sengar and Shubhangi Bhadoriya

Cluster-based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Comparative Study
pp. 677-680
Authors: Amritansh Gupta and Sandip Kr. Chaurasiya

An Object Oriented Design Approach for Modification of Rotten Code using Regression Testing & Refactoring
pp. 681-686
Authors: Anita Arora and Naresh Chauhan

Implementing AGILE in Small Organizations 
pp. 687-692
Authors: Ashish Agrawal, Sadhana Singh, Malay Tripathi and L.S. Maurya

DNA Based Cryptography: A Review 
pp. 693-698
Authors: Ashish Kumar Kaundal and A.K Verma

A Review of Web Application Security for Preventing Cyber Crimes 
pp. 699-704
Authors: Ayush Chugh and Ayushi Gupta

Mobile Comprehensive Emergency Support System (MCESS) for Hospitals in Smartphones
pp. 705-710
Authors: Basant Kumar, P Mani Joseph and Rashmi Dwivedi

Fuzzy, ANN & Expert Approaches 
pp. 711-716
Author: Bhavna Gupta

A Robust Steganographic Method based on Singular Value Decomposition
pp. 717-726
Authors: Yambem Jina Chanu, Kh. Manglem Singh and Themrichon Tuithung

Two Step Share Synthesized Image Stamper Algorithm for Secure Visual Sharing
pp. 727-732
Authors: C Chandrasekar and K E Narayana

Electronic Ticket Checker 
pp. 733-736
Authors: Neha Kawadkar and Manish Karandikar

Secure ATM Transaction and Card Payments with GSM Service 
pp. 737-740
Authors: Mugdha Fadnavis and Manish Karandikar

A New Algorithm of Encryption and Decryption of Images Using Chaotic Mapping
pp. 741-746
Authors: Mayank Mishra, Prashant Singh and Chinmay Garg

FPGA Based Distributed Network Intrusion Detection in Smart Grids Using Naives Bayes Classifier
pp. 747-752
Authors: N.Purnima and Omprakash P

Predicting the Price of Used Cars using Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 753-764
Authors: Sameerchand Pudaruth

A Comparative Performance Analysis of Various Variants of Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm
pp. 765-772
Authors: Sandeep Negi and Priyanka Kalra

Blended Learning 
pp. 773-776
Author: Sanjaykumar R Patel

Adaptive Edge Steganography for Images 
pp. 777-786
Authors: Yambem Jina Chanu, Kh. Manglem Singh and Themrichon Tuithung





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