International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 9 spl.  (2014)





A Systematic Approach to Big Data Exploration of the Hadoop Framework
pp. 869-878
Authors: Anand Loganathan, Ankur Sinha, Muthuramakrishnan V. and Srikanth Natarajan

A Review of Ambient Intelligence System: Bringing Intelligence to Environments
pp. 879-884
Authors: Anjali Sharma, Ankit Kumar and Avdesh Bhardawaj

Technological Infovations in Banking Sector : Impact, Behaviour and Services
pp. 885-890
Authors: Ankita Sharma and Akansha Kansal

Quality Assurance in Localization 
pp. 891-896
Authors: Aparna Sharmaand Manisha Bhatia

Designing Video Game for Cognitive Development in Dyslexic People 
pp. 897-902
Authors: Chinmaya Agarwal, Chetna Rustagi and Avdesh Bhardawaj

Performance of Lossless Compression Technique 
pp. 903-910
Authors: Deepa Raj and Seema Gupta

Enhancement of 3G, 4G networks 
pp. 911-918
Authors: Drishty Kapoor, Ujjwal Gupta and Vikram Gupta

Automated Segmentation and Shape Tracking of Fluorescent Cancerous Cells by Wavelet Otsu model
pp. 919-924
Authors: E.Preethi and R.Shankar

WAI-ARIA: Method To Develop Disable Friendly Websites 
pp. 925-930
Authors: Fazia Fatima, Shipra Rawal, Chinmay Garg and P N Barwal

Impact of Event Driven Programing Paradigm on Real World 
pp. 931-936
Authors: HarshitJuneja, Himanshu Yadav, Rajat Paruthi and Vikram Gupta

“Cyber Attacks: An impact on Economy to an organization” 
pp. 937-940
Authors: Hetram yadav and Shashant Gour

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network 
pp. 941-946
Authors: Kavita Rawat and Jyoti Hazrati





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