International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 12, Number 2 (2017)






Entropy of Lomax Probability Distribution and its Order Statistic
pp. 175-181
Bhagwati Devi, Parmil Kumar, and Kirandeep Kour

Prediction of Diabetes Diagnosis Using Classification Based Data Mining Techniques
pp. 183-188
S.Selvakumar, K.Senthamarai Kannan and S.GothaiNachiyar

A Discrete Parametric Markov-Chain System Model of a Two Unit Standby System with Inspection and Two Types of Repair
pp. 189-204
Rakesh Gupta and Arti Tyagi

Queuing Analysis of Markovian Queue Having Two Heterogeneous Servers with Catastrophes using Matrix Geometric Technique
pp. 205-212
Indra and Vijay Rajan


Probabilistic Analysis of a Cold Standby System with Logical Renewal
pp. 213-224
Ravinder Singh and R.K Bhardwaj

Distribution of Respondents by their Socio Demographic Characteristics - Post Graduate Social Work Students in Trichy, Tamilnadu
pp. 225-233
S.Kalaiselvan, K.Maheswari and S.Narayanamoorthy

Study of Reliability Parameters of a System Having Two Main Units and a Redundant Associate Unit
pp. 235-250
H.L.Manker, V.K. Pathak and G.K.Goswami


Optimal Control Analysis of Deterministic and Stochastic SIS Epidemic Model with Vaccination
pp. 251–263
Gani S.R. and S. V. Halawar

A Comparative Study of Zero-inflated, Hurdle and Artificial Neural Network Models in Claim Count Modeling
pp. 265-276
K. M. Sakthivel and C.S.Rajitha

Designing of Continuous Sampling Plan of Type (CSP-3) Indexed through Maximum Allowable Average Outgoing Quality with Markov Chain Approach
pp. 277-283
Nirmala.V and K.K.Suresh

Oblong Difference Mean Prime Labeling of Some Path Graphs
pp. 285-292
Mathew Varkey T K and Sunoj B S

Multi Stage Queuing Model in Level Dependent Quasi Birth Death Process
pp. 293-301
R.Sakthi and V.Vidhya

Estimation of Population Variance Utilizing Auxiliary Information
pp. 303-309
Sheela Misra, Dipika and Dharmendra Kumar Yadav

A Review on Accelerated Failure Time Models
pp. 311-322
Rinku Saikia and Manash Pratim Barman


A Review on Accelerated Failure Time Models
pp. 311-322
Rinku Saikia and Manash Pratim Barman

A Stochastic Process Approach to Analyse Students’ Performance in Higher Education Institutions
pp. 323-342
Aparna Bairagi and Sarat Ch. Kakaty

Certain Studies on Acceptance Sampling Plans for Percentiles Based on the Modified Weibull Distribution
pp. 343-354
V. Kaviyarasu and P. Fawaz

An Essential Role of Statistical Process Control in Industries
pp. 355-362
S. Subbulakshmi, A. Kachimohideen, R.Sasikumar and S. Bangusha Devi

An Inventory Model for Gompertz Distribution Deterioration Rate with Ramp Type Demand Rate and Shortages
pp. 363-373
V.S.Verma, Vijay Kumar and Nurul Azeez Khan

Certain Studies on Software Testing in Statistical Process Control
pp. 375-382
Gandhiya Vendhan.S and K.K.Suresh

The Deficient Discrete Quartic Spline Interpolation
pp. 383-394
Y.P. Dubey and Suyash Dubey

A Statistical thinking on Impact of Climate Change in Health Sciences
pp. 395-406
S. Raguraman, R. Selvakumar and R. Sasikumar

Construction of Some Variance Balanced Block Design for Neariest Neighbor Design
pp. 407-419
Rajarathinam A and Muthu Esakkiammal G




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