International Journal of Mathematics Research (IJMR)


Volume 10, Number 1 (2018)






Optimised Method to find the Centre of a Quadric Hypersurface

Some New Results on Super Stolarsky-3 Mean Labeling of Graphs
pp. 7-20
S.S. Sandhya, E. Ebin Raja Merly and S.Kavitha

Relations of Centralizers on Semiprime Semirings
pp. 21-32
D. Mary Florence, R. Murugesan and P. Namasivayam

A Mathematical Relationship between the Hindu-Arabic Numeral System and the English Language
pp. 33-37
Jack A. Fuller and Kori N. Woodrum

Contra-Continuity Maps on Topological Spaces
pp. 39-46
Taha. H. Jasem, Abdulsattar Abdullah Hamad and Muayyad Mahmood Khalil

Few more results on Geometric Mean Labeling of graphs
pp. 4760
Ujwala Deshmukh and Vahida Y. Shaikh

A Study on Some Curvature Properties of Almost C(λ) Manifold
pp. 61-66
Avijit Kumar Paul

Approximation of solution of Hammerstein type of equation with strongly accretive bounded nonlinear operator mappings in real Banach space
pp. 6779
Momodou Jain, Kebbeh. Saffiong and John. T. Mendy





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