International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 13, Number 05 (2020)





The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Jordanian Civil Engineers and Construction Industry
pp. 828-830
Dr. Khair Al-Deen Bsisu

Bi-Level Model on Freight Distribution Network Integration in Archipelagic Region with Milk Run Time Windows and Uncertainty
pp. 831-841
Windra Priatna Humang, Sigit Pranowo Hadiwardoyo and Nahry

The Stochastic Effect of Nanoparticles Inter-Separation Distance on Membrane Wettability During Oil/Water Separation
pp. 842-866
P. B. Sob, A. A. Alugongo and T. B. Tengen

A Study on Comparative Evaluation of Software Reliability Model Applying Modified Exponential Distribution
pp. 867-872
Hee-Cheul Kim

A Comparative Study on the Property of NHPP Software Reliability Model Based on Shape Parameters of Exponential Family Lifetime Distribution
pp. 873-878
Seung Kyu Park

Sensitivity Analysis of Flexible Pavement Dimensioning With AASHTO (1993) Method. Part I: Effect of Subjective Variables
pp. 879-885
Hugo Alexander Rondón-Quintana, Juan Gabriel Bastidas-Martínez and Saieth Baudilio Chaves-Pabón

Sensitivity Analysis of Flexible Pavement Dimensioning Using AASHTO (1993) Method. Part II: Effect of Objective Variables
pp. 886-890
Hugo Alexander Rondón-Quintana, Juan Gabriel Bastidas-Martínez and Saieth Baudilio Chaves-Pabón

Design a Wireless Automated Solar Powered Irrigation Control System for Smart Universities Green Areas Water Management
pp. 891-899
Yasser M. Alharbi, Mohamed S. Soliman, Farhan A. Salem, Ahmad A. Alahmadi, H. Abeida and Yahya S. H. Khraisat

Solid State Transformers: An Emerging Trend in Power Quality Improvement
pp. 900-908
Saju N, Dr. Jegathesan V and Aiswarya K P

Dependable Wireless Sensors Module Hardware Design for Smart Universities Application
pp. 909-915
Yasser M. Alharbi, Mohamed S. Soliman, Farhan A. Salem, Ahmad A. Alahmadi, H. Abeida and Yahya S. H. Khraisat

Research on the Verification of Game Development by Emotional Interaction Design
pp. 916-922
You Chen Ma, SeongKi Kim and Seok-Kyoo Kim

Identity in the Modern Architecture of Kazakhstani Mosques: Ijtihad Principle
pp. 923-928
A.S. Galimzhanova, M.B. Glaudinova, Kh.Kh. Truspekova, S.K. Karzhaubaeva and S.E. Galimzhanov

Identification of Short Circuit Fault Location in Voltage Source Inverters Based On Rough Set Theory
pp. 929-937
Hossam A. Nabwey

The Relation of Musculoskeletal Discomfort with Body Mass Index (BMI) For Cleaning Workers, Who Work at an Elevated Place
pp. 938-942
Julianus Hutabarat, Ida Bagus Suardika, Diah W. L. Basuki, Renny Septiari and Anisa Ramadhani

Propagation Prediction of Mobile Networks at Buraidah Region via Different Frequencies and Terrain Profile
pp. 943-946
Anwar Hassan Ibrahim

Minkowski Distance as a Quality of Service Assessment Tool
pp. 947-952
Yazeed Al-Sbou

Minimization of Pipe Production Defects using the FMEA method and Dynamic System
pp. 953-961
Arief Suwandi, Teuku Yuri Zagloel and Akhmad Hidayatno

Study on the Acoustic Characteristics of Sunwapta Falls
pp. 962-966
Zhixing Tian, Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

Scientific and Technical Substantiation of Reducing Oil Viscosity
pp. 967-972
G.Zh. Moldabayeva, R.T. Suleimenova, M.F. Turdiyev, Zh.B. Shayakhmetova and A.S. Karimova

Development of an Electronic Load Applied to the Characterization of Electric Batteries
pp. 973-977
Edwin García Quintero and Jose Alfredo Palacio-Fernández

Experimental Study on the Influence of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Properties of Alloyed Cast Iron with 15% Cr
pp. 978-983
Ageel Alogla

Low cost design for measuring and assessing climatic indices for safe working environment
pp. 984-994
Awad M. Aljuaid

Numerical Solution of Singularly Perturbed BVPs using an Optimal Fitted One-Step Integration Scheme via Initial Value Method
pp. 995-1001
E. R. El-Zahar

A Method for Fault Prediction of Air Brake System in Vehicles
pp. 1002-1008
Hossam A. Nabwey

Towards a Model to Measure Tourism Industry Success (Global Study)
pp. 1009-1018
Eng. Omnia Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed, Prof.Dr. Tarek Abdel-Latif Aboul-Atta and Prof.Dr. Asmaa Mohamed Abdel- Aty

Effect of Sodium Carbonate and Bicarbonate Contamination on the Rheological Properties of Water Based Mud
pp. 1019-1029
Hisham Ben Mahmud, Walid Mohamed Mahmud, Rugen Ayanarappan and Saber Elmabrouk

Transient Stability Analysis of Large-Scale PV Penetration on Power Systems
pp. 1030-1038
Mohammed A. Almutiari and Muhyaddin J. Rawa

Large MIMO Systems and Hybrid Beamforming in 5G or Future Communication
pp. 1039-1044
Zineb El Jaoussi and Aziz Haddi

Features of the Material Composition of the Main Oil and Gas Complex of the Shu-Sarysu Basin
pp. 1045-1056
Zh.S. Tulemissova and V.V. Korobkin

An Objective Image Quality Evaluation and Its Applications for Low Illumination and Sudden Illumination Changes
pp. 1057-1064
Thathupara Subramanyan Kavya, Young-Min Jang, Erdenetuya Tsogtbaatar, Tao Peng and Sang-Bock Cho





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