International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)



Volume 4, Number 13 spl.  (2014)





Performance Evaluation of LSB Technique for Digital Watermarking
pp. 1237-1244
Authors: Neha Bansal, Vinay. K. Deolia, Atul Bansal and Pooja Pathak

A Survey on Selection Techniques of Component Based Software
pp. 1245-1250
Authors: Nitish Madaan and Jagdeep Kaur

High K Dielectric Resonator Antenna for High Speed Applications
pp. 1251-1254
Authors: Parvathy Nair

Optimistic Path using Artificial Bee Colony Approach
pp. 1255-1261
Authors: Manita Dangi and Komal Arora

ABC Based Multi-Objective Approach for NoC Design Space Exploration
pp. 1263-1273
Author: R K Jena

Bacterial Foraging Algorithm Based Adaptive Control of Water Bath System
pp. 1275-1289
Authors: Bharat Bhushan and Sakshi Praliya

Digital Water Marking
pp. 1291-1298
Authors: Sakshi Verma and Shashank Chakrawarti

Secure Initial Access Authentication in WLAN
pp. 1299-1303
Author: Konduru Sandhya (CNIS)

Banking Authentication Technique
pp. 1305-1314
Authors: Sankalp Jagga and Puneet Sharma

Sequential Clustering for Anonymizing Social Networks
pp. 1315-1320
Author: Santhi katari

Pressure Sensor Based Estimation of Pulse Transit Time
pp. 1321-1328
Authors: Saransh Khandelwal, Simrat Sahni, Sanjeev Kumar and Amod Kumar

Protect Integrity of Data in Cloud Assisted Privacy Preserving Mobile Health Monitoring
pp. 1329-1334
Authors: Shantanu Shankar Pawar and R. N. Phursule

A Fuzzy Improved Neural based Soft Computing Approach for Pest Disease Prediction
pp. 1335-1341
Authors: Shikha and Shikha Khera

Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Self Organised Map
pp. 1343-1348
Authors: Mitali Bansal and Suman

Qualnet Simulator
pp. 1349-1354
Authors: Sorout Dinesh and Goyal Sonal








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