Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications (ADSA)


Volume 14, Number 2 (2019)





On Three General q,ω-Apostol Polynomials and their Connection to q,ω-Power Sums

pp. 119-148

Thomas Ernst'


Stability and Periodicity of Certain Homogeneous Second-Order Fractional Difference Equations with Quadratic Terms

pp. 149-178

Mirela Garić-Demirović, Sabina Hrustić and Mehmed Nurkanović


A Criterion for the Unique Existence of the Limit Cycle of a Liénard-Type System with One Parameter

pp. 179-187

Makoto Hayashi


Comparison of Smallest Eigenvalues for Fractional-Order Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems

pp. 189-199

Johnny Henderson and Jeffrey T. Neugebauer


Positive Solutions to Singular Second-Order Boundary Value Problems on Time Scales

pp. 201-211

Curtis Kunkel


Oscillatory Behavior of Second-Order Half-Linear Neutral Differential Equations with Damping

pp. 213-227

Ercan Tunç and Adil Kaymaz


Dynamic Behavior of the Solutions for a Two-layer Neural Network Model with Delays
Chunhua Feng

Dynamics of Two Dimensional Piecewise Smooth Maps with Stochastically Varying Border
Dhrubajyoti Mandal

An Application of Generalized Laplace Transform in PDEs
pp. 257-265
Hwajoon Kim, Supaknaree Sattaso, Karuna Kaewnimit and Kamsing Nonlaopon


On Hyers-Ulam and Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of Second Order Linear Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
pp 267-280
Alaa E. Hamzay, Maryam Alghamdiy and Alaa Aljehani






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