International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 12, Number 03 (2019)






Effects of Distance Metric in Non-Local Mean Filtering of Ultrasound Images
pp. 276-286
Anil A.R. and Rajesh Reghunadhan

A Numerical Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer for a Falling Film Absorber
pp. 287-295
Hamza M. Habib, Ahmed M. Ebady and Essam R. El-Zahar

Electrochemical Characteristics of the Austenitic Stainless-Steel Pipe Welds in NaCl Solution
pp. 296-300
Byung-Woo Lee, Hyun-Soo Kim and Jei-Pil Wang

Decisions and Information in a Business Process with a Supply Chain
pp. 301-304
Ki-Seok Choi

Optimization of a Concave Parabolic Fin for Fixed Fin Volumes
pp. 305-310
Hyung Suk Kang

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques on Wireless Networks
pp. 311-320
Pushpender Sarao

Testing the correctness of Educational Software System Based on Testmatica Model to explore its impact on productivity gains
pp. 321-332
Eze Nicholas Ude, Obichukwu Peter Uzochukwu and Ibezim Nnenna Ekpereka

ASME Section VIII Div. 2 Finite Element Elastic Plastic Analysis Method– A Case Study
pp. 333-336
A. S. El-Kabbany and Yu Miao

Markov Modelling of Fault-Tolerant Wireless Sensor Networks with Independent Repair
pp. 337-342
Paula Aninyie Wumnaya, Stephen Musyoki and Waweru Mwangi

4G and 5G Communication Networks Future Analysis
pp. 343-349
Dr.Amin Salih Mohammed, Suzan Tahsein Husein, Dr. M.Sivaram, V. Porkodi and V.Manikandan

Improvement in Image Alignment using Hybrid Warping Technique for Image Stitching
pp. 350-356
Omkar S. Vaidya and Dr. Sanjay T. Gandhe

IoT Based Approach for Smart Irrigation System Suited to Multiple Crop Cultivation
pp. 357-363
Krishna Singh, Samyak Jain, Varun Andhra and Shilpi Sharma

Significance of Intelligent Agents in Strengthening Consumer Relationship Management
pp. 364-372
Jaya Sinha, Shri Kant and Kiran K. Ravulakollu

A Study on Ignition Suppression Effect of Sound Component in Sound Fire Extinguisher
pp. 373-377
Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

A Study on the Principles of Human Whistling and its Analysis by Using the Parameters of Speech Production Models
pp. 378-384
Sang-Hyu Yoon, Kwang-Bock You and Myung-Jin Bae

A survey of Electroencephalogram Based Brain Computer Interface Applications
pp. 385-404
Awad M. Aljuaid and Farhan A. Salem

A Review on Loss of Mains and Islanding Detection in Microgrids with Multiple Renewable Energy Sources
pp. 405-418
Mogaka L. O., Nyakoe G.N. and Saulo M. J.

Effect of Using Social Media on Behaviour of Higher Education Students in Sultanate of Oman
pp. 419-433
M.S.Saleem Basha, Esam Al Lawati and A. Mohamed Abbas

Receiver Synchronization based Collision Reduction Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
pp. 434-439
Sunmyeng Kim

Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Data Using Intelligent Techniques
pp. 440-445
Kassinda Francisco Martins Panguila and Dr. Chandra J.

Related Fixed Point Theorems on Two Complete and Compact G-Metric Spaces
pp. 446 - 456
Gehad M. Abd-Elhamed






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