International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 13, Number 12 (2020)





Characterization of Calcia Stabilized Zirconia Synthesis for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolytes through Precipitation Method
pp. 4011-4015
M. Nurbanasari, D.G. Syarif, M.J. Fahmy, Y. Irwan and A.P. Siswanto

Tower Wake Distortion Effect: A Comprehensive Review of Methods and Applications
pp. 4016-4032
Maduako E. Okorie and Freddie Inambao

Energy Audit On Primary Municipal Facilities: Reflection of Municipality’s Energy Consumption as a Direct Consumer of the Energy Utility (Eskom)
pp. 4033-4047
Melusi Nhleko and Professor Freddie L. Inambao

Role of Sense of Place in the Use of Communal Spaces as Places for Social Interaction at an Owned Low-Cost Flats Bendungan Hilir II
pp. 4048-4064
Joni Hardi, Prof. Liliany Sigit Arifin and Yohanes Basuki Dwisusanto

Membrane Modeling and Simulation for a Small Scale Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant
pp. 4065-4083
Randy Ncube and Professor Freddie L. Inambao

Trends: Energy Efficiency and Energy Security
pp. 4084-4117
Jerusha Joseph and Freddie L. Inambao

Application of Resampling Techniques in Orthogonal Regression
pp. 4118-4124
Anwar Fitrianto, Tan Sin Yun and Wan Zuki Azman Wan Ahmad

Experimental Analysis of a Thermoelectric-(Vapor Compression) Hybrid Domestic Refrigerator
pp. 4125-4133
Yasser Abdulrazak Alghanima, Osama Mesalhy and Ahmed Farouk Abdel Gawad

A New Passive-Active Method of Protection from Dynamic Vortex Atmospheric Structures: Physical Foundations, Technical and Economic Advantages
pp. 4134-4138
M.E. Romash, A.Y. Varaksin and M.V. Protasov

Transformation Space Due To Conflict (A Case Study of Kuta, Bali, Indonesia)
pp. 4139-4145
Agung Wahyudi, Imam Buchori, Joesron Ali Syahbana and C. Widi Pratiwi

Dual Scalar Aharonov-Bohm Effect and the Photon Mass
pp. 4146-4150
Maribel C. P´erez Pirela and Miguel E. Rodriguez R. y

Accuracy Improvement Technique of Big Data based LBS System
pp. 4151-4155
Changbae Mun

Dynamic Shear Rheometer to Measure the Improvement of Asphalt Properties with the Addition of Buton Natural Asphalt-Rubber (BNA-R)
pp. 4156-4162
Sigit Pranowo Hadiwardoyo, R. Jachrizal Sumabrata and Nurul Wahjuningsih

Modeling the Impacts of Liquid Entry Pressure on Membrane Performance during Oil-Water Separation
pp. 4163-4170
P. B. Sob

The Effect of Spelling with User’s Mother Tongue on P300 Speller Performance
pp. 4171-4176
Leena A. Alhajjaj, Sarah S. Alrumiah, Jowharah F. Alshobaili and Dina M. Ibrahim

System Design of Big data based regional information service
pp. 4177-4182
Changbae Mun

A Study on Selective Recovery of Silicon from Used Solar Cell using Cavitation Effect
pp. 4183-4190
Dong-Hyun Lee and Jei-Pil Wang

Modelling the Effect of Pressure Waves and Velocity of Flow on Membrane Performance During Oil-Water Separation
pp. 4191-4198

IoT and Sign Language System (SLS)
pp. 4199-4205
Samar Mouti and Samer Rihawi

Optimal Protection Coordination in Microgrids using a Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm
pp. 4206-4210
Sergio Danilo Saldarriaga Zuluaga, Jesús María López Lezama and Nicolás Muñoz Galeano

Modelling the Separability Process of Oil-Water Molecular Motion for Stable and Efficient Wettability Process
pp. 4211-4217

A Methodology for Obtaining Voltage and Current Ripples of Power Electronics Converters with a Fixed Node on their Output
pp. 4218-4221
Nicolás Muñoz Galeano, Jesús María López Lezama and Fernando Villada Duque

Minimum Cost, Minimum Interference and Minimum Load (M3) Gateway Deployment Algorithm for Multi-radio Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks
pp. 4222-4229
N Bhushana Babu D, E V Krishna Rao and K S N Murthy

Recognizing Audience Feedback through Facial Expression using Convolutional Neural Networks
pp. 4230-4235
M.Kanipriya, R. Krishnaveni and M. Krishnamurthy

A Novel TLBO Optimization Technique for the Stability Improvement of Multimachine Power Systems Using UPFC Controllers
pp. 4236-4244
D. Sree Chandana Bhargavi and T.R.Jyothsna

Performance Evaluation of Data Provenance System with Blockchain-Based Cloud Environment
pp. 4245-4250
Yurim Kwon, Eun-Kyu Lee and Junghee Jo

Word Embedding-based Text-to-Scene Conversion
pp. 4251-4254
So-Young Park, Bowon Choi, and Jaewook Lee

Efficiency Optimization Model for 802.11ac WLAN Networks
pp. 4255-4261
Héctor Manuel Herrera Herrera, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Danilo Alfonso López Sarmiento

Solid Additives and their Lubrication Effects on Polyetheretherketone Polymers – A Review
pp. 4262-4268
Taiwo Lolade Ladipo, Leonard Masu and Patrick Nziu

Chemical and Morphological Characterization of Coconut Shell Powder, Epoxy Resin and Coconut Shell Powder/Epoxy Resin Composites
pp. 4269-4275
AM Andezai, LM Masu and M Maringa

Modeling the Scattering of Nanoparticles during Jet Spray Coating for Stable and Efficient Wettability During Oil/Water Separation
pp. 4276-4281
S. Metsing, P. B. Sob, A. A. Alugongo and T. B. Tengen

Topology Optimization of Automotive Body Structures: A review
pp. 4282-4296
M. Matsimbi A, P. K. Nziu A, L. M. Masu A and M. Maringa

Bioplastics Properties of Fish Scales and Their Effects on the Mechanical Properties in Biocomposites: A Review
pp. 4297-4304

Reformulation of the Indonesian Air Quality Index Based on Field Measurement of Ambient Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
pp. 4305-4310
Arief Sabdo Yuwono, Dela Angelina, Supandi, Khairun Nisa and Chusnul Arif

Effects of Offset Oblique Circular Cross Bores on Elastic Pressurized Thick-Walled Cylinders
pp. 4311-4317
P. K. NZIU and L. M. MASU

The Design Method Follows Finance in Architecture Case Study: RW 015 Office Building, Pluit, Indonesia
pp. 4318-4326
Naniek Widayati Priyomarsono and Rudy Trisno

Genetic Algorithm Tuned Optimal Gabor Filter and Golden Image Subtraction for Defect Detection in Patterned and Unpatterned Fabric
pp. 4327-4335
D.I. Oni, A.E. Amoran, R.S. Diarah and B.O. Alabi

A Hybrid Approach Based on Non Linear Approximation and Holistic Descriptor for Efficient Image Retrieval
pp. 4336-4343
Shweta Salunkhe, Dr. S.P.Gaikwad and Dr. S.R. Gengaje

Aken Infrastructure: The Abstract Model of a User Authentication and Attribute Sharing Infrastructure for the Cyberspace of the Future
pp. 4344-4362
Tibor Roskó

Digital Learning Media of Surakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate Museum
pp. 4363-4367
Endah Sudarmilah, Mutiara Layang Fatimah and Tri Sagirani

Designing Thematic Learning Media for Elementary School Students
pp. 4368-4374
Arif Setiawan, Yustika Nurbaiti and Endah Sudarmilah

Edugame Augmented Reality as Learning Media for Human Blood Circulation System
pp. 4375-4384
Endah Sudarmilah and Asiyah Nur Kholifah

The Implementation of Hydroponic Automation System and Monitoring Through the BLYNK Application
pp. 4385-4393
Devi Afriyantari Puspa Putri and Titis Prasetyo

The Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Feature Selection Method and Particle Swarm Optimization on the High Dimensional Data
pp. 4394-4401
Maryam, Annas Fagiat and Arfian Ardiansyah

Development of a Method for Forming an Optimal Portfolio of Regional Projects to Achieve Strategic Regional Development Targets
pp. 4402-4416
Lev S. Mazelis, Kirill I. Lavrenyuk, Andrey A. Krasko and Elena V. Krasova

Methodological Aspects of Regional Investment Risk Management
pp. 4417-4420
Svetlana Igorevna Grudina and Alla Igorevna Podgornaja

Decrease in the Transport Process Indicators Due To Wear of the Elements of the Power Unit of the Truck
pp. 4421-4426
Ruslan Nailevich Engalychev, Aleksandr Tikhonovich Kulakov, Elena Petrovna Barylnikova and Irina Petrovna Talipova

Impact of Changes in the Business Environment on the Management of Modern Companies
pp. 4427-4431
Khanif Sharifz?anovich Mullakhmetov, Ruslan Duferovich Sadriev, Rinat Abdullaevich Bikulov and Elvira Ructemovna Gafiyatullina

Creation of a Fuzzy Model for Verification of Malicious Sites Based on Fuzzy Neural Networks
pp. 4432-4438
Oleg Yuryevich Panischev, Ekaterina Nikolaevna Ahmedshina, Dina Vladimirovna Kataseva, Alexey Sergeevich Katasev and Amir Muratovich Akhmetvaleev

Risk Management as Governmentality in Organization
pp. 4439-4449
Siti Afiqah Zainuddin, Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim, Tahirah Abdullah, Siti Rohana Mohamad, Nur Izzati Mohamad Anuar, Siti Nurul Shuhada Deraman and Zaimatul Awang

Economic Indicators of AAOIFI Internal Audit Project
pp. 4450-4453
Firdaus Ilyasovna Kharisova and Irina Valeryevna Novikova

Influence of Structural Characteristics of Harrow Teeth on the Dynamics of Their Abrasive Wear And Resource Forecast
pp. 4454-4463
Leonid Prokopovych Shustik, Victor Vasylyovych Pogoriliy, Volodymyr Ivanovych Kravchuk, Oleksiy Anatoliyovych Hrynenko, Mykola Dmytrovych Zanko and Tetyana Leonidivna Babynets

Analysis of the Cross-Sectorial Balance and the Importance of the Oil Industry in the Development of the National Economy of the Russian Federation
pp. 4464-4468
Dmitry Vladimirovich Rodnyansky, Evsin Maxim Yurievich, Makarov Ivan Nikolaevich and Levchegov Oleg Nikolaevich

Blockchain as a Part of the Digital Economy in Financial Sphere
pp. 4469-4474
Lilia Mirgaziyanovna Yusupova, Irina Arkadevna Kodolova, Tatyana Viktorovna Nikonova, Madina Irekovna Agliullina and Zarina Irekovna Agliullina

Economic Problems of Russia’s Grain Complex Competitiveness System in the World Market
pp. 4475-4479
Alina R. Battalova, Ruslan Sh. Tukhvatullin, Farit N. Mukhametgaliev, Landysh F. Sitdikova. and Farida F. Mukhametgalieva

Determinants of Emerging Markets Companies Investment Economical Behavior
pp. 4480-4493
Renat Dashkin and Andrey Ankudinov

Economic Factors Affecting Financial Viability of the Small and Middle Enterprises: Case SMEs Processing Agricultural Products in the Republic of Tatarstan
pp. 4494-4499
Ode Agbatchi. Christian and Ajupov Ajdar. Airativich

Financial Risk Management of Companies Operating in the Oil Sector in the Context of Globalization Based on the COVID-19 Economic Impact
pp. 4500-4504
Margarita Davydovna Mironova and Linar Gatiyatovich Ibragimov

Gr-Strategies Specifications in Emerging Economies
pp. 4505-4508
Aidar Zakirov and Aigul Zaripova

Impact of Financial Structure on the Economic Profitability of Enterprises: Case of SME Processing Agricultural Products in the Republic of Tatarstan
pp. 4509-4516
Ode Agbatchi. Christian and Ajupov Ajdar. Airativich

Integration Processes and Their Role in the Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Oil Industry and Regulation
pp. 4517-4522
Dmitry Vladimirovich Rodnyansky, Yana Stanislavovna Yasnitskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna Avtsinova, Ryazantseva Elena Anatolyevna and Bashlykov Timofey Vasilyevich

Internalizing of Externalities through Blockchain Technology in the Economic System
pp. 4523-4527
Marat Rashitovich Safiullin, Mikhail Valerievich Savelichev, Leonid Alekseevich Elshin and Vadim Olegovich Moiseev

Major Financial and Economic Trends in the Development of the Petrochemical Complex in the Republic of Tatarstan
pp. 4528-4538
Aida Safina, Chulpan Danieva and Zarina Sirazieva

Modern Economic Management Model Efficiency Business and Criticism Traditional Budgetings
pp. 4539-4542
Andrei Yurievich, Sokolov and Aliya Serdarovna Abdullaeva

Modern Russian Economy Face Challenges of Sound Financial Management Household
pp. 4543-4546
Lilia Mirgaziyanovna Yusupova, Irina Arkadevna Kodolova,Tatyana Viktorovna Nikonova and Sofia Ildarovna Galieva

Economic Development and Objective Signs of Illegal Receipt and Disclosure of Trade, Tax and Bank Secrets
pp. 4547-4550
Yulia Igorevna Selivanovskaya, Mariya Vyacheslavovna Talan and Irina Mikhailovna Sboeva

Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction with Science Education to Student of Junior High School in Merapi Mountain Areas, Indonesia
pp. 4551-4557
Rizki Arumning Tyas and Pujianto, Suyanta

Local Wisdom in Poda Na Lima: Mandailing Society Philosophy of Life
pp. 4558-4563
Ikhwanuddin Nasution, Pertampilan Sembiring and Haris Sutan Lubis

Criminology Perspective on Criminal Acts in Malacca Strait
pp. 4564-4568
Ediwarman and Wessy Trisna

Do the Ecotourism Destination Interesting for Millennial Tourism?
pp. 4569-4579
Irawan and Andrie Elia

The Role and the Influence of Entrepreneurship on the Russian Economy
pp. 4580-4584
Lilia Mirgaziyanovna Yusupova, Irina Arkadevna Kodolova, Tatyana Viktorovna Nikonova and Asrorov Akmal Anvarovich

Synergy of Local Wisdom Values and Governmental Programs in Cultural Village Social Enterprises
pp. 4585-4590
Intiyas Utami, Aprina Nugrahesthy Sulistyo Hapsari and Yohanes Yakobus Werang Kean

Leadership, Reward and Whistleblowing: Experimental Study of Governmental Internal Auditor
pp. 4591-4596
Halim Dedy Perdana, Nafsiah Mohamed, Corina Joseph and Intiyas Utami

Sustainability of Micro-Enterprises: Role of Indonesian Government
pp. 4597-4601
Yusmansyah, Nafsiah Mohamed, Farah Aida Ahmad Nadzri and Wiwik Utami

Analysis of Russian Judicial Practice in Cases of Information Security
pp. 4602-4605
Alexandra Yuryevna Bokovnya, Ildar Rustamovich Begishev, Igor Izmailovich Bikeev, Ilhamiya Ruslanovna Almuhamedova, Diana Davletovna Bersei and Natalia Borisovna Nechaeva

Developing Interactive Multimedia for History Subject in Senior High School
pp. 4606-4615
Leli Yulifar and Ema Agustina

Improving Students' Creative Thinking Skills through Google Classroom Assisted GO_KAR Model during the Covid-19 Pandemic
pp. 4616-4621
Sri Astutik Handayani, Yuni Sri Rahayu and Rudiana Agustini

An Integrated Approach to the Construction of Energy-Saving Trigeneration Systems for Objects of the Agro-Industrial Complex
pp. 4622-4626
Dmitry I. Surzhik, Oleg R. Kuzichkin and Gleb S. Vasilyev

The genetic coefficient for learning algorithm in imbalanced data of software quality: A case study of the decision making system for selecting the SMART project for initiating projects based on the concept of Smart City
pp. 4627-4634
Tipaporn Supamid and Surasak Mungsing

Pilot Model of the Embedded Reconfigurable Real Time Computing System
pp. 4635-4645
Alexey I. Martyshkin

Modernization of the Drying drum Design for Organic Fertilizers
Sergei N. Kokoshin and Boris O. Kirgintsev

Modeling the Dynamic Properties of Communication Channels in UAV-based Networks based on Spectral Piecewise Linear Approximation Method
pp. 4653-4657
Dmitry I. Surzhik, Gleb S. Vasilyev and Oleg R. Kuzichkin

Methods of Deposit Thicjness Control in Heat Exchanges
pp. 4658-4661
Ayrat Irekovich Badriev and Vilen Nasibovich Sharifullin

Automatic Testing for Web Application Using HP-ALM Tool
pp. 4662-4665
Rijwan Khan, Ayman Qahmash and Mohammad Rashid Hussain

A Review of Methods Used to Determine the Overall Stiffness of Unitary Automotive Body Structures
pp. 4666-4678
M. Matsimbi, P. K. Nziu, L. M. Masu and M. Maringa

Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of nonlinear fractional differential equation with three point integral boundary conditions
pp. 4679-4685
Muniyappan Palaniappan

Congestion Control Scheme for Cognitive Radio Networks using MAQ
pp. 4686-4692
Mala B.M, Manjushree S, Kavya G and Saritha A K

The Effects of Large Vibration Amplitudes on the non Linear Free and Forced Response of Fully Clamped Functionally Graded Skew Plates
pp. 4693-4700
H. Moulay Abdelali and R.Benamar

Efficient Identity-Based Batch Signature Scheme to Reduce Energy Consumption at Mobile Receivers
pp. 4701-4705
Jagadeesha R and Thippeswamy K

Evaluation of the Fluid-Structure Interaction of a Hydrokinetic Turbine Blade by Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis
pp. 4706-4711
Juan Diego Betancur G, Juan Gonzalo Ardila M, Edwin Lenin Chica A, Jonathan Andrés Graciano U and Sebastián Velez García

Value Chain Analysis of Preserved Fish
pp. 4712-4719
Sawang Panjun

Washout Filter Based Control of Two Hodgkin-Huxley Neurons Coupled By Electrical Synapses
pp. 4720-4733
Resat O¨zgu¨r DORUK, and Abobakar Belhasan Mohamed ZARGOUN

Parametric Study of Design of Retaining Walls by a Derivative-Free Algorithm
pp. 4734-4740
Carlos Millán-Paramo, Euriel Millán-Romero and Fernando Jove Wilches

Seismic Damage Index as a Function of Seismic Vulnerability for Structures in Non-Structural Masonry and Reinforced Concrete, in City of Sincelejo
pp. 4741-4745
Álvaro Rafael Caballero Guerrero, Helena Caballero Guerrero and Fernando Jove Wilches

Soak Testing of Web Applications Based on Automatic Test Cases
pp. 4746-4750
Rijwan Khan, Ayman Qahmash and Mohammad Rashid Hussain

Structural Characterization and Seismic Vulnerability Analysis of Buildings Located in the Historic Center of Sincelejo
pp. 4751-4757
Helena Caballero Guerrero, Álvaro Rafael Caballero Guerrero and Fernando Jove Wilches

Geopolymer Masonry Bricks production using Phosphogypsum and Fly Ash (Air-Dried samples) – A Detailed Feasibility study
pp. 4758-4772
Jagmohan Vijay Jandhyala, Prof. H. Sudarsana Rao and Prof. Vaishali. G. Ghorpade

Generation of a Map of Seismic Events that Occurred in Colombia during the Last Decade
pp. 4773-4778
Fernando Jove Wilches, Carlos Millán-Paramo and Euriel Millán-Romero

Determination of the impact of natural disasters within the Colombian territory using Geographic Information Systems
pp. 4779-4786
Fernando Jove Wilches, Carlos Millán-Paramo and Euriel Millán-Romero

Correlation models between CBR values and the results of index tests in granular subgrade soils in northern Colombia
pp. 4787-4793
Fernando Jove Wilches, Carlos Millán-Paramo and Euriel Millán-Romero

Classification of Electric Propulsion Installations of the Ship Propulsion Systems
pp. 4794-4798
Aleksey Fedorovich Burkov, Viktor Viktorovich Mikhanoshin, Vagarshak Radikovich Avetisyan and Kha Van Nguen

Instrumental Distortion Correction Method for the ETM + Scanner on Landsat-7 Multispectral Satellite Images
pp. 4799-4803
Dmitriy Mozgovoy, Roman Tsarev, Dmitriy Svinarenko, Aleksey Danichev and Andrey Karnaukhov

Automated Complex of Anti-Birds Airport Protection
pp. 4804-4806
Abdurakhmonov Sultonali, Kuldashov Obbozjon Khokimovich, Fayzimatov Bahodir Numonovich, Mirzazhanov Mahmud Ahmadovich and Bilolov Inomjon Uktamovich

Optimization of Natural and Economic Systems within the Land and Property Complex in the City of Kurgan in Accordance with the Study of Environmental Risks Using Topic Mapping Technologies
pp. 4807-4815
Marina Podkovyrov, Anatoly Oleynik and Natalia Tirskikh

Comparison of the Efficiency of Compression Algorithms for Multispectral Satellite Imagery
pp. 4816-4819
Dmitriy Mozgovoy, Roman Tsarev, Dmitriy Svinarenko, Roman Kuzmich and Oleg Ikonnikov

Formation of Technical Policy of Motor Transport in the Republic of Uzbekistan
pp. 4820-4822
Sherbek Erbekov

Perspective Drilling Methods, Non-Technological Holees in Polymeric Composite Materials
pp. 4823-4831
Bahodir Numanovich Fayzimatov, Fayzimatov Shukhrat Numanovich and Yunusali Yuldashalievich Khusanov

Methodic of Determination of Coefficient Value of Heat Flow Distribution at the Processes of Drilling and Milling
pp. 4832-4834
Hasanov Vagif Gadzhan ogly, Mustafayev Amir Gochu ogly, Aliyeva Irada Kerim kyzy, Hasanova Leila Agamverdi kyzy, Aliyev Hammed Misir ogly and Abdullayeva Ainur Ramiz kyzy

Experience of Using “GIS” Technology in the Development of Geoecological Maps
pp. 4835-4838
Askar N. Nigmatov, Salauat J. Abdireimov, Anvar Rasulov and Mayra E. Bekaeva

Composition of Engineering and Geodesic Works During the Forensic Land Survey
pp. 4839-4842
Anatoliy Mikhaylovich Oleynik

Utilization of Wood Chemical Production Waste in Wood Composite Materials Technology
pp. 4843-4845
Plotnikov Nikolay Pavlovich and Plotnikov? Galina Pavlovna

Computer Simulation of Wind Flow in the Urban Residential Planning Stage
pp. 4846-4848
Salieva Noilya Mukhamedovna

Formalization of Impact of Information on the Human Behaviour for Automatization of Calculation of the Marketing Influence
pp. 4849-4854
Michael Vladimirovich Samosudov

An Approximate Determination of Local Stresses in the Walls of Steel Crane Girders of an I-Section
pp. 4855-4860
Sklyadnev A.I

Improvements in the Functioning of the Information System for Monitoring and Forecasting Emergency Situations in the Republic of Altai
pp. 4861-4865
Irina Pozharkovaa, Alexander Pupkov, Roman Tsareva, Tatiana Yamskikh, Kirill Zhigalov and Ionut Cristian Scurtu

Concept of "Scientific Revolutions" in Nature and Society Knowledge-Based Systems
pp. 4866-4869
Sergey L. Turkov

Effectometrics of Transport Technological System
pp. 4870-4879
Anatolii M. Berestovoi, Ivan O. Berestovoi, Sergii G. Zinchenko, Olha A. Khliestova and Vladimir An. Senatosenko

Detoxication and Neutralization of Toxic Industrial Waste Components for Production of Sulfur-Containing Binding Construction Materials
pp. 4880-4884
B.R. Isakulov, M.D. Dzhumabaev, Kh.T. Abdullaev, Zh.O. Konysbaeva and S.I. Shalabaeva

Construction and Calculation of a Distributed Levitation Screen of Electromagnetic Transducers to Control the Thickness of the Winding
pp. 4885-4891
Ilham M. Seydaliyev

Managing Hydrological Risk in the Urbanized Territories in the Framework of Implementing the Concept of Smart Cities Territories
pp. 4892-4898
Michail V. Bolgov, Irina U. Oltyan, Elena V. Aferyeva and Dmitry O. Kopytov

Development Reflective Optical Sensor for Blood Cholesterol Measurement Using LED Infrared 940 nm
pp. 4899-4907
Usman Umar, Syafruddin Syarif, Ingrid Nurtanio and Indrabayu

Performance Analysis of a Novel Decomposition based PWM Scheme of Dual-Inverter Fed Open-End Winding Five-Phase Motor Drives with DC-link voltage ratio of 2 : 1
pp. 4908-4914
I.N.W Satiawan, I.B. F. Citarsa and I.K. Wiryajati

A study about Narrative Structure and Immersion Theory on Interactive Game
pp. 4915-4923
Jia-Ni Li and Seok-Kyoo Kim

Spatial Distribution for Enterprises of Innovative Clusters in Economic Space of Region
pp. 4924-4929
Dmitry L. Napolskikh

Statistical and Structural-Entropic Analysis of Main Trends of Road Traffic Accident Rate: Comparison of India and Russia
pp. 4930-4942
Artur I. Petrov and Dmitrii A. Zakharov

Review of Status of Wind Power Generation in South Korea: Policy, Market, and Industrial Trends
pp. 4943-4952
Ji-Won Hwang, Jung Keun Kook, Han-Bin Jeong, Ju-Hyun Mun and Sanghee Kim

Participatory Architectural Design and Construction Framework in Primary Schools with Reference to a Local Case Study in Egypt
pp. 4953-4965
Eng. Ibrahim Samy Sayed Saleh, Prof. Dr. Mostafa Refaat Ahmed Ismail and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Atef Eldesouky Faggal

User Preference and Input Analysis in Architectural Design and Construction Using Participatory Frameworks with Reference to a Case Study in Egyptian Primary School
pp. 4966-4975
Eng. Ibrahim Samy Sayed Saleh, Prof. Dr. Mostafa Refaat Ahmed Ismail and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Atef Eldesouky Faggal

Design Considerations and Comparative Analysis of Cross Layer Approaches for Terrestrial & Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 4976-4991
B. Umarani and A.R. Naseer

Study of Water Balance for Irrigation in Coastal Areas Jember District
pp. 4992-4999
Noor Salim and Nanang Saiful Rizal

Evaluation of Using Standard Mobile OFDM Signals for Short-Range Radar Sensors
pp. 5000-5004
Elena Omelyanchuk, Andrey Tikhomirov, Ilya Muraviev, Niek Molenkamp and Olga Simonova

Development of a Monitoring System Automatic Power Meter at the "Gunung Salak" Geothermal Power Plant, Sukabumi, Indonesia
pp. 5005-5011
Muhamad Muslih, Nunik Destria Arianti and Somantri

pp. 5012-5027
Marion Adebiyi, Samuel Oladayo Olawepo and Micheal Olaolu Arowolo

Energy and Data Communication Delay Aware Routing in WSN
pp. 5028-5032
G. Vishnupriya and R. Ramachandran

Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Priority Seats for the Pregnant Women on Railroad Vehicles in South Korea
pp. 5033-5046
Mizuno Tomomi and Tokuda Katsumi

Ballistic Failure Mode of Apus Bamboo Strips Reinforced Epoxy Composite Materials
pp. 5047-5050
Sofyan Djamil, NPG Suardana, Agustinus Purna Irawan and IKG Sugita

MAC-Based Physiological signal extraction approach for WBAN on Body Postures
pp. 5051-5054
A.Roshin and K.V.D.Kiran

Integrating Dehydration and Natural Gas Liquids Processes for Maximization of Natural Gas Liquids Production
pp. 5055-5065
Ahmed Ali Masnsour, Walaa Mahmoud Shehata and Fatma Khalifa Gas

Performance of a Split Bregman Method for a TVL1-type of Image Restoration Model
pp. 5066-5077
Hyo Jin Lim and Jae Heon Yun

Combined Approach for Treating Stochastic Vector Optimization Problem
pp. 5078-5082
Ahmed A. Elsawy, Adel M. Widyan and Atheer S. Alqudhaibi

Effect of Piezoelectric Thickness Ratio on the Deflection of Laminated Hybrid Composite Plates
pp. 5083-5094
D. Dhanunjaya Raju and V. V. Subba Rao

Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Organizational Performance
pp. 5095-5104
Juan Manuel Andrade, Gerardo Duque Gutierrez and Fernando Fierro Celis

Investigating Factors that Affect Purchase Intention of Visitors of E-commerce Websites Using a High Scoring Random Forest Algorithm
pp. 5105-5112
Martha Teiko Teye and Yaw Marfo Missah

Hole Filling And Image Fusion Approach For RGBD Database
pp. 5113-5122
Aniketh A. Gaonkar, Narayan T. Vetrekar and Rajendra S. Gad

Enabling Financial Inclusion By Technology Led Last-Mile Delivery Of Banking Services
pp. 5123-5128
Govind Korekar and Dr. Anuja Agarwal

Finding Accuracy of Utterance of Language Model
pp. 5129-5134
Nadeem Ahmed. Kanasro, Najma Imtiaz Ali, Ghulam Muhammad, Mujeeb U Rehman Maree and A.G Memon

Spread of Avian Influenza- A Mathematical Approach
pp. 5135-5141
Bhanu Sharma, Pooja Khurana and Deepak Kumar

A Content-Based Retrieval Model with Combinational Features and Indexing for Distributed Video Objects
pp. 5142-5148
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Design Challenges of Securing IoT Devices: A survey
pp. 5149-5165
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Evolution of Smart Grid Assessment Methods: Science Mapping and Performance Analysis
pp. 5166-5175
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Level Design of Platform Games Using Interest Curves
pp. 5176-5181
Seongmin Kim, Kyungeun Park and Taesuk Kihl

Exploring the future of Li-Fi
pp. 5182-5189
Vilma Fernandes, Jivan Parab and Gourish Naik

Bluetooth Based Automation System Using Android App
pp. 5190-5195
Jolan Baccay Sy and Shaik Irfan

Structural Equation Model for Analyzing the Factors Affecting Construction Safety Cost of Vertical Residential Buildings in Indonesia
pp. 5202-5212
Ratih Fitriani and Yusuf Latief

Co-designed implementation of the PRESENT cryptographic algorithm for an ARM-based System on Chip
pp. 5213-5218
Edwar Jacinto Gómez, Fredy H. Martínez S. and Fernando Martínez Santa

Support of Mobility Models for the Decentralized Multi-layer UAV Networks Assisting VANET Architecture (DMUAV)
pp. 5219-5226
N. Vanitha and G. Padmavathi

Hybrid Firefly Optimization with Double Q-learning for Energy Enhancement in Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 5227-5232
Jyoti Sharma, Surendra Kumar Patel and V. K. Patle

Simulation of Perovskite channel Thin Film Transistor
pp. 5233-5239
Mohammad Kaifi and S. K. Gupta

Mathematical Statement of Dynamic Factors Affecting the Development of Electron Government
pp. 5240-5246
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The Influence of Outdoor Temperature and Storage Conditions on Stability of Biodiesel and Blends: Acidity and Hygroscopycity Behavior
pp. 5247-5251
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Prediction the Turnover of Retail Trade Using Analysis of Time Series
pp. 5252-5261
Nadezhda Anatolevna Opokina

Validation of Embedded System Courses in Product-Based Learning- 3D
pp. 5262-5267
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Modeling of Nonlinear Control Systems for Thermoelectric Cooling and Regenerative Systems Based on Peltier Modules
pp. 5268-5273
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Modeling a Transport-Level Telecommunication Management Service of Thermoelectric Systems Based on Petri Nets
pp. 5274-5282
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Sensorless Field-Oriented Control of Doubly-Fed Induction Motor Drive
pp. 5283-5292
Maxim Bobrov

Design PV System for Any Building: a case between conventional solar cell and Nano Solar Cell
pp. 5293-5300
Ali N. Hamoodi, Aseel TH. Ibrahim and Safwan A. Hamoodi

APCS Software Integration Based on Opc Server
pp. 5301-5304
Lyalya Bakievna Khuzyatova and Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

Car Access Control Automation
pp. 5305-5308
Almaz Kharisovich Tazmeev and Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

Definition of Transition Parameters between Coordinate Systems for Documentation on Territory Planning For Geospatial Support of State Registers
pp. 5309-5316
Andrey A. Tesalovsky, Yuri M. Avdeev, Aldanysh A. Nurumov, Olga Yu. Voronkova, Svetlana D. Danshina and Olga G. Grigorieva

Nonlinear Boundary-Value Problem for Differential Equations of Shell Theory of Timoshenko Type
pp. 5317-5327
Liliya Sergeevna Kharasova

Solvability of One Problem for Differential Equations of Shell Theory of Timoshenko Type
pp. 5328-5334
Liliya Sergeevna Kharasova

System Analysis of the Influence of External Factors on the Load of a Truck Transmission
pp. 5335-5338
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Microclimate Control in a Production Shop Using a Fuzzy Controller
pp. 5339-5343
Rustem Raisovich Ziyatdinov, Aleksandr Borisovich Maksimov and Ramil Takhirovich Nasibullin

Analysis of Methods for Calculating Means of Securing Cargo
pp. 5344-5348
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Learning Style as a Variable to Develop a Smart Learning Management System
pp. 5349-5353
Yeka Hendriyani, Sukardi, Ambiyar and Hansi Effendi

Development of Smart Learning Media Model Based on Android
pp. 5354-5364
Dony Novaliendry, Muhammad Adri, Titi Sriwahyuni, Asrul Huda, Yasdinul Huda, Dedy Irfan, Putra Jaya, Dochi Ramadhani and Sartika Anori

The Role of Energy Investments in the Middle East Policy of Russia
pp. 5365-5372
Aitach Durmaz and Elmira Habibullina

Design and Performance Analysis of Developed Computer Vision Measurement Application for End Mill Cutting Tool
pp. 5373-5378
Waluyo Adi Siswanto, Chong Bin Hong, Rasidi Ibrahim, Zulafif Rahim and Neexon Khoo

The Analysis and Implementation of Remote Production Monitoring System in Manufacturing Industries
pp. 5379-5385
Wijianto, Nadiatul Azwa, Aishah Ahmad, Rasidi Ibrahim, Nor Azah Samsudin and Norman Mohamad

Comparative Performance Analysis of Kruskal and Prim MST Algorithms
pp. 5386-5391
Peace O. Ayegba, Aderemi E. Okeyinka, Marion Adebiyi, Emmanuel O. Asani, Joyce A. Ayoola and Goodness C. Ben

Blood Pressure Pulse Transient Time of Intermittent Fasting Subjects
pp. 5392-5399
Omer Hamid, Azarudeen Mohamed Arif, Montasir Mohamed Mansour, Anwar Al-Shrouf, Abdulsalam AlHumaidi Al-Mutairi and Khalid Dakhilallah Al-Shalawi

Housing and Settlement Development in Indonesia
pp. 5400-5407
Entang Adhy Muhtar and Budiman Rusli

A Review on Automated Bone Age Measurement Based on Dental OPG Images
pp. 5408-5422
Fatemeh Sharifonnasabi, NZ Jhanjhi, Jacob John, A. Alaboudi and Prabhakaran Nambiar

Investigating The Effect of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction Case Study: Ride-Hailing Service in Malaysia
pp. 5423-5428
Wan Farha Wan Zulkiffli, Munirah Mahshar, Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim, Nur Izzati Mohamad Anuar and Mohd Zulkifli Muhammad

Analysis of the Relation between Financial Literacy and Entrepreneur
pp. 5429-5435
Nur Farahiah Azmi, Siti Rohana Mohamad, Hazriah Hasan, Siti Nurul Shuhada Deraman, Tahirah Abdullah, Siti Salwani Abdullah and Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim

Rheological and Electrical Properties of Industrial Polymers
pp. 5436-5439
Israa Meften Hashim and Israa Faisal Ghazi

Comparative Analysis Between Smart Buildings Projects (SBP) in Egypt and Worldwide
pp. 5440-5450
Samar El-Motasem, Laila M. Khodeir and Ali Fathy Eid

Social behavior in an area of Medellin through Agent-Based Simulation
pp. 5451-5458
Martha Catalina Ospina, Yony Ceballos, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Influence of Wind Catcher on Thermal Performance of the Central Zone of a Heritage Building in a Moderate Climate: A Case Study
pp. 5459-5462
Ali Alzaed

The Effect of Thermal Insulation for Heritage Mosques Roofs on Indoor Thermal Comfort Temperature: Case study in Taif city, Saudi Arabia
pp. 5463-5468
Ali N. Alzaed

The Positive Impact of the Lockdown on the Atmosphere and Climate in Downtown, Amman, Jordan Using Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
pp. 5469-5480
Eng .Esraa Fawaz abdalaziz alayed

Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Geomorphology and Flash Flood Hazard (Case study of Wadi Namera, Jordan)
pp. 5481-5499
Eng .Esra' Fawaz AlAyed






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