International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 13, Number 06 (2020)





A Review of the State of Research and Utilization of Biomaterials in the Manufacture of Composite Materials Todate
pp. 1065-1075
Wilson Webo, Leonard M. Masu, Maina Maringa, Patrick K. Nziu

Effect of Biodiesel on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engines
pp. 1076-1094
Gaurav Vohra, Vineet Kumar, Harmeet Singh, Radhey Sham

Cross Layer Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 1095-1100
G.A.Pethunachiyar and B.Sankaragomathi

Performance Optimization Viewing Wawotobi Irrigation Network
pp. 1101-1109
Ahmad Syarif Sukri, Andi Bahrun, Samdin, Tupaila Hemon & Hasbullah Syaf

Mesh Simplification Algorithms for Rendering Performance
pp. 1110-1119
Hongle Li, Seongki Kim

Influence of Heavy Metals on the Environment and Methods of Soil Bioremediation Control
pp. 1120-1125
Baibotayeva A.Dikhanbaevna, Zhantasov K.Tazhmahanbetovich, Kenzhaliyeva G. Duysenbaevna, Bosak V. Nikolaevich, Mamitova A.Dzhanabaevna

Design and Implementation of a Crowd Management Smart System Using Piezoelectric Sensors
pp. 1126-1132
Awad Aljuaid, TalalAlsufyani, Ayman A. Aly

Computerized Analytical System for Assessing Fire and Environmental Safety of Mines in the Karaganda Coal Basin
pp. 1133-1136
Suleimenov N. M., Shapalov Sh. K., Khodzhayev R. R., Shaikhova G. S., Kaliyaskarova A. Zh., Kakenova M.Zh.

Galerkin-Vlasov Variational Method for the Elastic Buckling Analysis of SSCF and SSSS Rectangular Plates
pp. 1137-1146
Michael Ebie Onyia, Eghosa. O. Rowland-Lato and Charles Chinwuba Ike

Elastic Buckling Analysis of SSCF and SSSS Rectangular Thin Plates using the Single Finite Fourier Sine Integral Transform Method
pp. 1147-1158
Michael Ebie Onyia, Eghosa. O. Rowland-Lato and Charles Chinwuba Ike

Study on acoustic analysis of Cleveland Dam waterfall sound
pp. 1159-1164
Zhixing Tian, Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

Effect of Bank Verification Number on Fraud Management of Selected Commercial Banks in Ebonyi State, Nigeria
pp. 1165-1172
Robert Azu Nnachi, Benedette Nneka Okezie, Ogbonnaya Okpara Elechi, Emmanuel Nwogboji, Ngozi Franca Iroegbu, Hyginus Emeka Nwosu, Oladele Rotimi, Kanu Catherine Chiugo

Database Intrusion Detection using Role and User Level Sequential Pattern Mining and Fuzzy Clustering
pp. 1173-1178
Indu Singh, Siddharth Singhal, and Vaibhav Kumar

Adoption of the More-Than-Voice Technology at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Evidence from India
pp. 1179-1186
Muhammad Muazzem Hossain

Efficiency Modeling of Photovoltaic Panels under Rain and Dust Conditions
pp. 1187-1191
Oscar Ocampo, Edwin García, Héctor Sanchez

Urbanization Impact on Various Physicochemical Parameters and Developing an Eco-Heart Index
pp. 1192-1203
C. Ramprasad, Karthik Sona, Ramkumar and Mohammed Afridhi

Necessary Optimality Conditions for Determining of the Position of the Boundary of Oil Deposit
pp. 1204-1209
N.K. Shazhdekeyeva, B. Kenzhegulov, A.N. Myrzasheva, G.T. Kabylkhamitov, R.U. Tuleuova

The Issue of Recycling Waste from the Oil Refining Industry for Use in the Production of Rubber Products
pp. 1210-1214
Zharylkasyn P.M., Ramatullaeva L.I., Kenzhalieva G.D., Kocherov E.N., Shapalov Sh.K., Kerimbekova Z.M.

Environmental and Technological Aspects of Acid Treatment of Serpentinite Waste from Chrysotile Asbestos Mining and Processing
pp. 1215-1219
A.P. Aueshov, A.B. Satimbekova, K.T. Arynov, A.K. Dikanbaeva, A.A. Bekaulova

Two-Dimensional Animation and Students’ Achievement in Mathematical Economics: Implications for Science Teaching
pp. 1220-1230
Jovita C. Ejimonye, Christian S. Ugwuanyi, Chinedu I.O. Okeke & Mercy N. Nwoye

A Comparative Study on the Cost Analysis of Software Development Model Based on Shape Parameters of NHPP Software Reliability Model
pp. 1231-1236
Yoo-Chan Ra

Investigation of Factors Affecting Mud Cuttings Transport in Slimhole Well Drilling
pp. 1237-1242
Phuc Kieu, Quang Khanh Do

Creation of Forecast Algorithm for Networking Hardware Malfunction in the context of small number of breakdowns
pp. 1243-1248
A.A.Myrzatay and L.G.Rzayeva

Techno-Economic Analysis of Transportation of Sequestered Carbon (Iv) Oxide from Afam Iv Power Plant
pp. 1249-1257
O. O. Ugwuanyi, U. C. Okonkwo, I. P. Okokpujie, C. A. Bolu

Predicting Violent Crime Occurrence: An Evaluation of Decision Tree Model
pp. 1258-1265
Falade Adesola, Ambrose Azeta, Aderonke Oni, Felix Chidozie, Victor Azeta

Modeling and Design of a Humanoid Robot by Additive Manufacturing Process
pp. 1266-1272
J. Azeta, C. A. Bolu, F. A. Oyawale

Artificial Neural Network and Particle Swarm Optimization for Medium Term Electrical Load Forecasting in a Smart Campus
pp. 1273-1282
Isaac A. Samuel, Temitope M. Adeyemi-Kayode, Ayobami A. Olajube, Shorinwa T. Oluwasijibomi, Adekitan I. Aderibigbe

Contamination Assessment of Underground Water Around a Cemetery: Case study of Ayobo cemetery in Lagos, Nigeria.
pp. 1283-1288
Alagbe Edith Egbimhanlu, Okocha Dumebi Sophia, Ayegbo Stephen Korede, Oyeniyi Esther Adenike, Alagbe Olusegun Adegboyega, Daniel Ebakota Omonigho, Efeovbokhan Vincent Efeovbokhan

Study of Corrosion Properties, Adsorption Mechanism and Thermodynamics Characteristics of Expired Artemether-Lumefantrine Inhibition Drug on Mild Steel in NaCl Solution
pp. 1289-1299
O.A. Odunlami, S.K.U Tijani, O.S.I. Fayomi

Study of Mechanical Behavious and Characterization of a Steel Joints in MIG Welding under Varying Fluxes
pp. 1300-1306
Sunday Adeniran Afolalu, Samuel Olusegun D., Ikumapayi M.O, Oladipupo Segun, Emetere Moses

Design of a Wireless Communication Drip Irrigation System using nRF24L01 Technology
pp. 1307-1313
Joseph Azeta, Christian A. Bolu, Famous Alele, Emmanuel O. Daranijo

Moduli of Maximum Runoff in Snow Melt Floods on Rivers of the Southeastern Part of Esil River Basin
pp. 1314-1318
P.A. Plekhanov, N.V. Popov, N.N. Medeu, L.N. Nikiforova

A Comparison Study for the Thermal and Physical Properties between “Al-Mangabi” and the Available Building Materials for the External Walls in Jeddah
pp. 1319-1329
Mohammed Bagader and Mady Mohamed

Feasibility Study on Production of Geopolymer Masonry Bricks with Phosphogypsum and Fly Ash (Oven-Dried)
pp. 1330-1343
Jagmohan Vijay Jandhyala, Prof. H. Sudarsana Rao, Prof. Vaishali. G. Ghorpade

Recent Advancements in Text Detection Methods from Natural Scene Images
pp. 1344-1352
Shiravale S. S., Sannakki S. S. and Rajpurohit V. S.

Following Behaviour in Mixed Traffic: Effects of Vehicular Interactions, Local Area Concentration and Driving Regimes
pp. 1353-1368
Kavitha Madhu, Dr. Karthik K. Srinivasan and Dr. R. Sivanandan

Carbonation Process to Manufacture Lithium Carbonate from Lithium Sulfate
pp. 1369-1372
Dong-Hyeon Choi and Jei-Pil Wang

Monitoring of Mercury in Air from the Abandoned Mercury Mine Area using Direct Mercury Analyzer
pp. 1373-1378
Jessie O. Samaniego, Cris Reven L. Gibaga, Alexandria M. Tanciongco and Rasty M. Rastrullo

A Study on the Characteristics of Chord Generation of Yeongjin Port Breakwater
pp. 1379-1385
Bong-Young Kim, Zhixing Tian and Myung-Jin Bae

Community Detection Methods and Tools for Various Complex Network
pp. 1386-1390
Dipesh Joshi, Tejas Patalia

New Strategies of Linkography for Investigating the Role of Dialogues in Architectural Design Education
pp. 1391-1408
Nessma Amin Al-Hammadi, Dr. Saleem Mokbel Dahabreh and Dr. Ma’en Abdel-Jaber

The Aesthetics of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art by Richard Meier
pp. 1409-1419
Dr. Saleem M. Dahabreh

Effect of Price Concession Strategy and Preservation Technology on Inventory Model for Decaying Products with Partial Backlogging and Price-Stock-Dependent Demand
pp. 1420-1431
Lakshmi Narayan De and Piyali Mallick

Trajectory-based Cognitive Recognition of Dynamic Hand Gestures from Webcam Videos
pp. 1432-1440
Richa Golash, Yogendra Kumar Jain

An Optimized Approach-Based Machine Learning to Mitigate DDoS Attack in Cloud Computing
pp. 1441-1447
Ahmed Saeed Alzahrani

A Functional and Operational Comparison between Signalized and Unsignalized Roundabouts
Oday Rashed, Rana Imam

Rule-based Recommendation System based on Semantic Web of Things
pp. 1455-1465
Ahmed Slama, Masoud Esmail and Haytham Alfeel

Impact of Human Behaviour and Culture on Housing Needs
pp. 1466-1474
Eng.Khlood Hassan abd El Lateef Azouz, Prof.Dr.Hesham Mohamed Sameh

A Multi-Stage Under-Voltage Load Shedding Scheme using a DIgSILENT power factory software to stabilize the power system network
pp. 1475-1492
Mkhululi Elvis Siyanda Mnguni

Physico-chemical Properties and Heavy Metal Contents of Ino-Capayang Mine-made Lake in Marinduque, Philippines
pp. 1493-1496
Jellian L. Lanot, Jhoy Ann L. Lawig, Jayson A. Lecaros, Paul John L. Malagotnot, Panchito M. Labay and Jessie O. Samaniego





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