Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications (ADSA)

Volume 12, Number 2 (2017)





Common fixed theorems satisfying (CLRST) property in b-metric spaces
pp. 135-147
Manoj Kumar, Lakshmi Narayan Mishra, and Shubham Mishra

Dynamical behaviour of an exploited fish species obeying modified logistic growth function with taxation as a control instrument
pp. 149-161
Jayjayanti Ray and Tarun Pradhan

Mathematical Analysis of a Motivated Stage Artist to be a Film Artist
pp. 163-180
Nita H. Shah, Foram A. Thakkar and Bijal M. Yeolekar

Oblong Mean Prime Labeling of Some Cycle Graphs
pp. 181-186
Sunoj B S and Mathew Varkey T K

Error Bounds For Discrete Deficient Quartic Spline Interpolation
pp. 187-194
Y.P. Dube and Suyash Dubey

Stability Analysis of Mosquito Life Span Model with Delay

pp. 195204

D. Pandiaraja, D. Murugeswari and V. Abirami


Viscous Dissipation and Mass Transfer Effects on MHD Oscillatory Flow in a Vertical Channel with Porous Medium

pp. 205-216

Kiran Kumari and Mamta Goyal


Optimal Control on depletion of Green Belt due to Industries

pp. 217-232

Nita H. Shah, Moksha H. Satia and Bijal M. Yeolekar


Asymptotic Analysis of a Model in Dendritic Solidification Subsjected to Buoyancy-driven Convection in the Far Field

pp. 233241

Tat Leung Yee





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