International Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics and Systems (IJFMS)


Volume 2, Number 3 (2012)




Generating Function for Measures of Fuzzy Directed Divergence
pp. 199-206
Authors: P. Jha and M. Verma

t- Intuitionistic Fuzzy Quotient Ring
pp. 207-216
Author: P.K. Sharma

Temperature Prediction Using Fuzzy Time Series and Multivariate Markov Chain
pp. 217-230
Authors: V. Vamitha, M. Jeyanthi, S. Rajaram and T. Revathi

t- Intuitionistic Fuzzy Subgroups
pp. 233-243
Author: P.K. Sharma


Taylor Series Solution of Multiobjective Linear Fractional Programming Problem by Vague Set
pp. 245-253
Authors: Rajesh Dangwal, M.K. Sharma and Padmendra Singh

Q - Intuitionistic L-Fuzzy Submodules
pp. 255-262
Author: P.K. Sharma

Fuzzy Transportation Problem of Trapezoidal Numbers with Alpha Cut and Ranking Technique
pp. 263-267
Authors: Shugani Poonam, Abbas S.H. and Gupta V.K.

A Study on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Number Group
pp. 269-277
Authors: Palanivelrajan M. and Kaliraju K.

Common Fixed Point of Absorbing Map in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Space using General Contractive Condition of Integral Type
pp. 279-291
Authors: Geeta Modi and Firdous Qureshi

Eigen Values of Complete Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 293-296
Author: Beena G. Kittur

On t-Best Coapproximation in fuzzy anti-2-normed linear spaces
pp. 297-306
Authors: B. Surender Reddy and Hemen Dutta

Solving Fuzzy Integer Programming Problem as Multiobjective Integer Programming Problem
pp. 307-314
Authors: Rajani B. Dash and P.D.P. Dash

Fuzzy Mathematical Approach for Selecting Candidate For Election by a Political Party
pp. 315-322
Authors: Rajeev G. Sapre and Ms. Snehal Kalambate

Intuitionistic Fuzzy I (β, δ)-Mappings
pp. 323-333
Authors: V. Thiripurasundari and S. Murugesan


On Lacunary Almost Statistical Limit and Cluster Points of Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 335-343
Authors: Pankaj Kumar, Vijay Kumar and S.S. Bhatia


Fuzzy Closure Operator Induced by a Fuzzy Pseudo Metric
pp. 345-350
Author: Baby Chacko





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