International Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics and Systems (IJFMS)


Volume 2, Number 4 (2012)




On Right Fuzzy Matrix Hemi Near Rings.
pp. 357-362
Authors: Mr. R.G. Sapre and Ms. Shraddha V. Surve


Some arithmetic operations on Triangular Intuitionistic Fuzzy Number and its application on reliability evaluation
pp. 363-382
Authors: A.K. Shaw and T. K. Roy

Fuzzy Center Weighted Hybrid Filtering Techniques for Denoising of Medical Images
pp. 383-390
Authors: R. Marudhachalam and Gnanambal Ilango


Impact of Capital Structure on the Stock Price Performance
pp. 391-400
Author: Dr. Kavitha Muthukumaran


Strongly Generalized Closed Sets with Respect to the Ideal
pp. 401-106
Authors: S.Maragathavalli and E.Kungumaraj


A New Type of Iteration Scheme for Zamfirescu Operators in Normed Linear Space
pp. 407-414
Authors: M.R. Yadav and B.P. Tripathi


A Direct Approach to Fuzzy Time Cost Trade Off
pp. 415-421
Authors: M. Evangeline Jebaseeli and D. Paul Dhayabaran


Level Subsets of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Subsemiring of a Semiring
pp. 423-432
Authors: V. Saravanan and D. Sivakumar

Some New Measures of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy and Directed Divergences
pp. 433-439
Authors: P. Jha and M. Verma

A Related Common Fixed Point Theorem in Fuzzy 3-Metric Spaces
pp. 441-446
Authors: S.S. Thakur and Dinesh Singh Yadav

Nets in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces
pp. 447-457
Author: N. Pankajam

Trapezoidal Fuzzy Queue Model to an Interdependent Communication Network with Bulk Arrivals
pp. 459-466
Authors: Arti Tyagi and T.P. Singh

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Almost Weakly Generalized Closed Mappings
pp. 467-477
Authors: P. Rajarajeswari and R. Krishna Moorthy


A Fuzzy Approach to Priority Queues
pp. 479-488
Authors: Dr. J. Devaraj and D. Jayalakshmi


Homomorphism in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Automata
pp. 489-495
Authors: A. Uma and M. Rajasekar


Stronger Forms of Fuzzy Generalized Preregular Continuous Functions in Fuzzy Topological Spaces
pp. 497-506
Authors: A. Vadivel, K. Devi and D. Sivakumar






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