Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications (ADSA)


Volume 16, Number 2 (2021)






Yarn Movement in Ring-Spun Yarn Based on Kinematics: A New Model
pp. 405-412
Irwan, Valentinus Galih Vidia Putra and Juliany Ningsih Mohamad

On The Location of Zeros of Polynomials with Different Complex Coefficients
pp. 413-421
P.Ramulu, C.Gangadhar, M.Amarnath and G.L.Reddy

Modeling and Analysis of Port PLCS
pp. 423-440
Rizwan, SM and Taj, SZ

GUI Elements and Windows Form Formalization Parameters and Events Method to Automate the Process of Additive Cyber-Design CPPS Development
pp. 441-455
Igor Nevliudov, Vladyslav Yevsieiev, Vyacheslav Lyashenko and M. Ayaz Ahmad

Existence and Uniqueness Results for BVP of Nonlinear Fractional Volterra-Fredholm Integro-Differential Equation
pp. 457-467
Muhammed F. Younis, Ayoob M. Abed and Ahmed A. Hamoud

Effects of Ohmic heating and viscous dissipation on MHD fluid flow past a vertical plate embedded with porous medium
pp. 469-484
Bhaskarjyoti Deka, Bhrigu Kumar Kalita and Rita Choudhury

A Frequency-Domain Analysis and Design of a Ball and Plate System Controller
pp. 485-498
Khalid Lefrouni and Saoudi Taibi


Uniqueness Theorems Concerning Homogeneous Differential Polynomials of L-functions and Weakly Weighted Sharing
pp. 499-514
Nirmal Kumar Datta and Nintu Mandal

Warming Up Bases for Preparing Students to Mathematics and Physics Tests
pp. 515-533
Eman Almuhur, Husam Miqdad, Tasnim Alayid and Tala Sasa

Numerical Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations
pp. 535-545
Husam Salih Hadeed, Ahmed Shihab Hamad and Ahmed A. Hamoud

A Literature Review on Control Loading System for Aircraft Simulator
pp. 547-557
Ashok Kuppusamy and Dipti Lode

Hankel Determinant of Second and Third Order for Functions with Derivative as Positive Real Part Associated with Multivalent Analytic Functions
pp. 559-564
K. Ramanuja Rao, Rajnesh Lal and Kaushal Singh

On the Property (Bv)
pp. 565-578
E. Aponte, N. Jayanthi, P. Vasanthakumar and D. Quiroz

Measures of Fuzzy Information Corresponding to Heinz Mean
pp. 579-584
Vikas Kumar Mishra

Some Formulae involving Continued Fraction and Hypergeometric Function
pp. 585-590
Naeem Ahmad

Block Based Motion Estimation Algorithms: Analysis
pp. 591-603
Kiran Kumar Vemula and S. Neeraja


An Introduction to Multi Metric Spaces
pp. 605-618
Sujoy Das and Ranajoy Roy

The Standard Deviation of the Least Monopoly Energy of Graphs
pp. 619-637
B. K. Divyashree, Siddabasappa and Jagadeesh R


Landslide Susceptibility Mapping using Fuzzy C-Means and Fuzzy C-Modes Methods in Wonosobo Regency, Indonesia
pp. 639-656
Dhoriva Urwatul Wutsqa, Erdina Kurniawati, Sri Andayani and Kismiantini

Effect of high temperature on the Electric Properties of PEO/Potassium aluminum sulfate Composite Dopant with CB Nanoparticles
pp. 657-672
Husam Miqdad

An application of a Lean Six Sigma Methodology in an Agricultural Machinery Industry: A Case Study on a Production of Sugar Cane grapples
pp. 673-682
Suwit Thammasang, Somkiat Thermsuk and Teerawut Sripunchat

Optimal Cluster-Based Data Aggregation in WSN for Healthcare Application
pp. 683-701
Sree Ranjani N Y, Dr A G Ananth and Dr L Sudershan Reddy

Numerical Solutions of NonlinearWave-Like Equations Using Laplace-Adomian Decomposition and SBA Methods
pp. 703-724
Joseph Bonazebi Yindoula, Alphonse Massamba and Gabriel Bissanga

Students' Slogging Through Physics: Anxiety and Self- Confidence
pp. 725-738
Tala Sasa, Tasnim Alayid, Eman Almuhur and Husam Miqdad

Reliability Analysis of blowers of a Wastewater Treatment Plant
pp. 739-754
Zubaida Al Abdali, Sheika Al Alwai, Aiysha Al Hosni, Marwa Al Sinani and Padmavathi N

A Study on the Development and Operation of Curriculum for Career Exploration and Design of University Students
pp. 755-766
Seung-hwan, Jang and Sang-hyun, Shin

Initial Coefficient Bounds And Fekete-Szeg¨o Problem Of Pseudo-Bazileviˇc Functions Involving Quasi-Subordination
pp. 767-777
D. Mohankumar, A. Senguttuvan, K. R. Karthikeyan and R. Ganapathy Raman

The σ-sibling numbers
pp. 779-787
E. Aponte, J. Macías, W. Brito and J. Soto

Initial Coefficient Estimates for Certain Subclasses of m-fold Symmetric bi-univalent Functions
pp. 789-800
T. R. K. Kumar, S. Karthikeyan, S. Vijayakumar and G. Ganapathy

Easy Access to the Update of Weight in Backpropagation Algorithm
pp. 801-804
Hwajoon Kim, Kamsing Nonlaopon and Jinho Rho


Mathematical Model and Identification Method and Recognition of Radio Electronic Means of Satellite Services of Radio Communications
pp. 805-823
A.P. Fisun, A.Bbasukinsky, V.T. Ereenko, O.R. Kuzichkin and D.I. Surzhik

Modeling of Frequency Characteristics of Automatic Control Systems of Peltier Thermoelectric Modules
pp. 825-837
Vasilyev G. S., Kuzichkin O. R. and Surzhik D. I.


φ-Superharmonic Functions on Infinite Random Walks
pp. 839-849
N. Nathiya, M. Surya Priya and P. Swarnambigai

The Formulas for Solution of One Class of Linear Differential Equations of the Second and Third Order with the Variable Coefficients
pp. 851-857
Avyt Asanov and Kanykei Asanova


Singularities of Algebraic Curve f(y)=λf(x) and Invariants Associated with Each Singular Point Over Finite Field
pp. 859-872
Haleemah Ghazwani

Existence of Asymptotically polynomial type solutions for some 2-dimensional Coupled Nonlinear ODEs using Banach’s Theorem
pp. 873-880
B. V. K. bharadwaj and Pallav Kumar Baruah


Global Solar Radiation Estimation and Calculating the Corresponding Regression Coefficients for Bangalore
pp. 881-894
Mrs. Madhu M C, Mr. A. Hemanth Kumar, Mr. Pramod Manjunath, Mr. K. Badari Narayana and Mr. H. Naganagouda

An Explicit Form of Heaviside Step Function
pp. 895-900
J. Venetis

A Systematic and Critical Analysis of the Developments in the Field of Intelligent Transportation System
pp. 901-911
Shalini Yadav and Rahul Rishi

Predicting Future Localization based Routing Algorithm for Vehicular Adhoc Network
pp. 913-925
Asha K S and Rajeshwari Hegde


A Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach To Four Dimensional Multi Level Multi Objective Multi Item Fractional Transportation Problem Under Uncertain Environment
pp. 925-948
A.N. Revathi and S. Mohanaselvi


Frequency Characteristics of a Climate Control System Based On Thermoelectric Modules for Objects of the Agro-Industrial Complex
pp. 949-958
Kuzichkin O.R., Vasilyev G.S., Surzhik D.I. and Grecheneva A.V.

New Results on the Existence of Positive Solutions of Atagana–Baleanu Type Fractional Differential Equations
pp. 959-972
Suresh K. Gudade, Mohammed S. Abdo and Satish K. Panchal


Stability and Boundedness of Solutions of Fibonacci-Nabla Partial Difference Equations
pp. 973-985
M.Sumathy, M.Maria Susai Manuel and G.Britto Antony Xavier

Cardi Vascular Heart Disease Classification Using Machine Learning and Neuro-Fuzzy Models
pp. 987-1005
P.Bharath Kumar Chowdary and Dr. R. Udaya Kumar

Oscillation and Non-Oscillation of Fourth Order Neutral Distributed Delay Generalized Difference Equation
pp. 1006-1018
J. Leo Amalraj, P.Venkata Mohan Reddy and M.Maria Susai Manuel

Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Automated Stock Trading
pp. 1019-1032
Keerthi Sagiraju and Prof M. Shashi

Features of Transient Processes in Pumping Stations with Controlled Shut-Off Devices
pp. 1033-1041
M.S. Ali, D.S. Beglyarov, D.M. Benin, N.V. Gavrilovskaya and L.A. Zhuravleva

Applications of FDTD and FDM Algorithms for Cross-Verification of the Analyses of Hollow-Core Cylindrical Photonic Crystal Waveguides
pp. 1043-1052

Jeong Kim


Optimizing the Angle of Tilt for Solar Panels for Bangalore (India)
pp. 1053-1073
Madhu M C, Pramod Manjunath, A Hemanth Kumar, K. Badari Narayana and H. Naganagouda

Exact Analytical Solution of Some Volterra Second Kind Integrodifferential Equations by the Numerical Analysis Methods ADM and VIM
pp. 1075-1096
Ouedraogo Seny, Yaro Rasmane, Justin Mouyedo Loufouilou and Youssouf Pare

Optimal Control Analysis of Intra-Host Dynamics of Malaria with Immune Response
pp. 1097-1115
Aminou M. Layaka, Bakari Abbo, Mahamat S. Daoussa Haggar and Paré Youssouf

Existence of Measurable Multivalued Mapping
pp. 1117-1126
Raj Kumar Soni

EMIS and Student Performance in Software
pp. 1137-1143
Changbae Mun

Improving the Accuracy of Mobile LBS Applications
pp. 1145-1149
Changbae Mun

On the Equivalent Relations with the J. L. Lions Lemma and an Application to the Korn Inequality
pp. 1151-1165
Junichi Aramaki

Stability of a Quadratic Functional Equation
pp. 1167-1181
S. Karthikeyan, G. Ganapathy, P. Palani, M. Suresh and S. Jaikumar

Preconditioned Fractional MEG Iterative Method for Solving the Time Fractional Advection-Diffusion Equation
pp. 1183-1198
Abdulkafi Mohammed Saeed








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